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Elite Box Break and 2 Packs of Certfied - madmack29 - 01-10-2015


I typically collect hockey, but break some football from time to time.

I have done very well with Certified this year - a couple Black 1 of 1 cards and 2 of the 3 Certified boxes I opened were Red Camo parallel boxes.

Elite has been almost as good with a printing plate and a Gold Team Richard Sherman #/25.

My LCS owner emailed the regulars that he had 1 box of Elite left that would come with Black Friday packs. I went after work and bought the box of Elite, 2 packs of Certified and 3 packs of Black Diamond hockey.

I started with the Certified and recognized the back of the hit right away, but was hoping that it would be a nice player.

Here was the first hit of the day ...

The owner immediately gave me the holder it is in.

He had to go find his camera.

The camera needed film - yes it was an actual 35 mm camera.

Then the batteries died after one picture.

[Image: 20150110_152253_zpsyedfiare.jpg]

Will be in my ORG for sale later tonight.

The only other noteworthy hits from Elite were a Kadeem Carey rookie auto, which the owner traded another pack of Certified for, and a Ha Ha Clinton Dix Turn of the Century green / emerald auto #/99. I pulled a Jerick McKinnon Certified Potential rookie auto from the pack from the trade.

I will get these all in my ORG later tonight or tomorrow.

On a side note - this is the value that I remember out of Panini hockey products. Now that Upper Deck has the exclusive hockey license I will probably not buy nearly as much hockey. I have read that the guy from Panini who designed the sets for hockey the past few years is now in charge of Panini Football, with their exclusive NFL deal coming next season. I like the looks and value of the Panini cards / boxes this year. Hopefully for hockey collectors UD will step up this time with their exclusive deal and Panini should do well with Football as long as they keep up with their innovative products.


RE: Elite Box Break and 2 Packs of Certfied - largent0073299775 - 01-10-2015

Wow man congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Elite Box Break and 2 Packs of Certfied - rayeates - 01-10-2015

Amazing!!! That is one stellar break, Nate! Congrats on the massive hit, and I hope that we will be able to trade some football as well!


RE: Elite Box Break and 2 Packs of Certfied - Vicktory717 - 01-10-2015

Man that Andrew Luck is sooooo sick! I know the feeling of hitting a sick Luck, I pulled a beautiful auto patch RC of him numbered to 25 back in 2012 out of Momentum. He's a stud man, sweet hit!

RE: Elite Box Break and 2 Packs of Certfied - savagenate - 01-11-2015

Dang! Sounds like you've been killing it! Very nice pulls!