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MASSIVE Trade Thread (Over 150 Scans) - roger rabbit - 01-03-2015

Hey folks,
Finished tidying up my org and decided to post scans of my main 150 card trader box in order to instigate some deals (150 unique cards, 156 total). This certainly isn't all I have FT, but there's some nice stuff here that I think some folks might like. I also added a graded card at the end I'm looking to move.

Post what you like and I'll check you, or fire me an open offer. Enjoy the many, many pics below...sorry for taxing your bandwidth. Cheers!

[Image: 98rizzuto.jpg]
[Image: 01yount.jpg]
[Image: 01gonzalez.jpg]
[Image: 03berra.jpg]
[Image: 04palmer.jpg]
[Image: 04morris_zps830c0c9b.jpg][Image: 04mauer.jpg]
[Image: 04mattingly.jpg]
[Image: 04griffey.jpg]
[Image: 05martinez.jpg]

[Image: 05cabrera2.jpg]
[Image: 06cruz.jpg]
[Image: 07braun.jpg]
[Image: 07carew.jpg]
[Image: 07tulowitzki-1.jpg]
[Image: 07tulowitzki2.jpg]
[Image: 07morneau.jpg]
[Image: 07mantle.jpg]
[Image: 07hamilton.jpg]
[Image: 07verlander-1.jpg]

[Image: 08zimmermann.jpg]
[Image: 08davis.jpg]
[Image: 08holliday.jpg]
[Image: 09craig.jpg]
[Image: 09blackmon.jpg]
[Image: 09wheeler3.jpg]
[Image: 09myers.jpg]
[Image: 09wheeler.jpg]
[Image: 09seager-1.jpg]
[Image: 09tulowitzki.jpg]

[Image: 09braun.jpg]
[Image: 09wright.jpg]
[Image: 09snider.jpg]
[Image: 09pence.jpg]
[Image: 09gonzalez-1.jpg]
[Image: 09gonzalez.jpg]
[Image: 09cole.jpg]
[Image: 09machado.jpg]
[Image: 09usa.jpg]
[Image: 10castro.jpg]

[Image: 10chapman.jpg]
[Image: 10donaldson_zps1b87006f.jpg]
[Image: 10martinez.jpg]
[Image: 10moore.jpg]
[Image: 10moore-1.jpg]
[Image: 10perez2.jpg]
[Image: 10scherzer.jpg]
[Image: 10kemp.jpg]
[Image: 10gomez.jpg]
[Image: 11alvarez.jpg]

[Image: 11machado-1.jpg]
[Image: 11wheeler2.jpg]
[Image: 11gray.jpg]
[Image: 11gray2.jpg]
[Image: 11teheran-1.jpg]
[Image: 11rendon.jpg]
[Image: 11cole.jpg]
[Image: 11mauer.jpg]
[Image: 11trumbo.jpg]
[Image: 11hosmer.jpg]

[Image: 11rose.jpg]
[Image: 11clark.jpg]
[Image: 11sale.jpg]
[Image: 11hosmer-1.jpg]
[Image: 11dawson.jpg]
[Image: 11cruz-1.jpg]
[Image: 11castro.jpg]
[Image: 11stanton-1.jpg]
[Image: 12locke2_zps5ade6dfd.jpg]
[Image: 12adams.jpg]

[Image: 12zunino3.jpg]
[Image: 12zunino2.jpg]
[Image: 12wacha3.jpg]
[Image: 12zunino3_zpsb945d93c.jpg]
[Image: 12moore.jpg]
[Image: 12rose.jpg]
[Image: 12grandal.jpg]
[Image: 12alomar.jpg]
[Image: 12richards.jpg]
[Image: 12wynn.jpg]

[Image: 12wynn.jpg]
[Image: 12weaver.jpg]
[Image: 12altuve.jpg]
[Image: 12fielder2.jpg]
[Image: 12chapman.jpg]
[Image: 12rizzo.jpg]
[Image: 12sale-1.jpg]
[Image: 12perez2-1.jpg]
[Image: 12rizzo5_zpse5b5ea67.jpg]
[Image: 12rizzo-1.jpg]

[Image: 12moore-1-1.jpg]
[Image: 12rizzo2-1.jpg]
[Image: 12moore2-1-1.jpg]
[Image: 12frazier.jpg]
[Image: 12mesoraco.jpg]
[Image: 12perez3.jpg]
[Image: 12ramirez.jpg]
[Image: 12sale.jpg]
[Image: 13fernandez.jpg]
[Image: 13miller.jpg]

[Image: 13miller2.jpg]
[Image: 13profar.jpg]
[Image: 13ryu.jpg]
[Image: 13cole.jpg]
[Image: 13garcia-1.jpg]
[Image: 13wheeler.jpg]
[Image: 13martinez.jpg]
[Image: 13blue.jpg]
[Image: 13myers2.jpg]
[Image: 13cole2.jpg]

[Image: 13fielder.jpg]
[Image: 13sandoval.jpg]
[Image: 13phillips.jpg]
[Image: 13machado2.jpg]
[Image: 13rizzo-1.jpg]
[Image: 13gray2.jpg]
[Image: 13braun-1.jpg]
[Image: 13mussina.jpg]
[Image: 13hudson.jpg]
[Image: 13profar3-1.jpg]

[Image: 13goldschmidt.jpg]
[Image: 13miller3.jpg]
[Image: 13myers4.jpg]
[Image: 13myers3.jpg]
[Image: 13cespedes.jpg]
[Image: 13bautista.jpg]
[Image: 13garcia2-1.jpg]
[Image: 13gregorius.jpg]
[Image: 13rendon.jpg]
[Image: 13gardner.jpg]

[Image: 13rizzo.jpg]
[Image: 13rosenthal.jpg]
[Image: 13miller2-1.jpg]
[Image: 13profar3.jpg]
[Image: 14abreu2.jpg]
[Image: 14longoria.jpg]
[Image: 14braun.jpg]
[Image: 14minor.jpg]
[Image: 14rodriguez.jpg]
[Image: 14cespedes.jpg]

[Image: 14sale.jpg]
[Image: 14howard.jpg]
[Image: 14kaline.jpg]
[Image: 14cespedes-1.jpg]
[Image: 14uehara.jpg]
[Image: 14gattis.jpg]
[Image: 14wacha2.jpg]
[Image: 14gray.jpg]
[Image: 14gray3.jpg]
[Image: 14gibson.jpg]

[Image: 14smith.jpg]
[Image: 14heyward.jpg]
[Image: 14goldschmidt3.jpg]
[Image: 14myers.jpg]
[Image: 14teheran.jpg]
[Image: 14garciaparra.jpg]
[Image: 13polanco2-1.jpg]

Oops, the second Wynn should have been this...
[Image: 12winfield.jpg]

RE: MASSIVE Trade Thread (Over 150 Scans) - rad_1205 - 01-03-2015

Nice stuff Simon

RE: MASSIVE Trade Thread (Over 150 Scans) - Hofcollector - 01-03-2015

Hey Simon, what do you want for the Minor MLB logoman?

RE: MASSIVE Trade Thread (Over 150 Scans) - franciscomarina - 01-03-2015

So many cards to choose from.
open offer sent.

RE: MASSIVE Trade Thread (Over 150 Scans) - randall44 - 01-03-2015

You can check me for the Early Wynn

RE: MASSIVE Trade Thread (Over 150 Scans) - baker100309 - 01-03-2015

Sweet cards!

RE: MASSIVE Trade Thread (Over 150 Scans) - michaelstepper - 01-03-2015

dont' have org at the moment, but what would you need for the mauer and tulo sweet spots and the Rizzo tribute?

RE: MASSIVE Trade Thread (Over 150 Scans) - iamralpho - 01-03-2015

Send me an offer on the draft autos you like, got a ton of people asking for em. Also hear I can ship to Canada cheaper now too

RE: MASSIVE Trade Thread (Over 150 Scans) - thepointguard_10 - 01-03-2015

Awesome stuff man, especially for trade bait!

I don't have much in the way of trade right now but-
I'd be interested in buying quite a few of these, let me know if you're selling. Thanks!

RE: MASSIVE Trade Thread (Over 150 Scans) - ounagi - 01-03-2015

hey simon can u pm me a price on your matt moore autos,or look for something on trade
ty and cheers