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Crazy PC mailday - sconnienation3 - 09-03-2014

Promised Nate I'd show off once I got this trade in....been three YEARS in the making. Totally worth it. The goodies:

A Nice Cobb rookie
[Image: cobb_zpsb38aea55.jpg]

Some Toons
[Image: toons_zps92d82c0a.jpg]

Some #d stuff
[Image: wattPlatGreen_zps7ac822e0.jpg][Image: evansRSLP_zps44c6169b.jpg]
Watt #/499, Evans #/25

Now it get's really good...
Abby #/50[Image: abberderisOrange_zps5028f20e.jpg]

Evans #/25
[Image: evansggPPA_zps1c270317.jpg]

Russell not numbered
[Image: rw13fr97_zpsf8d385ae.jpg]

Watt R&S RC #/299
[Image: wattRS_zps43b8e957.jpg]

Watt Emerald #/10 BAM!
[Image: wattRSE_zpsce8fa4a0.jpg]

Probably my biggest PC day in a year!
Thanks for looking.

RE: Crazy PC mailday - bbniner80 - 09-03-2014

Pretty cool!!

RE: Crazy PC mailday - savagenate - 09-03-2014

Very nice stuff!

RE: Crazy PC mailday - solid133 - 09-03-2014

Sweet Watts, and love the design on that Abby...great pickups

RE: Crazy PC mailday - pudge27t - 09-03-2014

Dope design on the Abby/50! Nice throwback on the Russell!! Awesome Watt RCs too!

RE: Crazy PC mailday - mooncricket916 - 09-03-2014

Very very nice! That Watt /10 is a huge addition man congrats!!!