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If anybody wants to ship from home, Just thought i'd give a shout out to Your first 30 days are free, than it says you'll be charged a fee after that. You can cancel anytime and not get charged. If you call them up and tell them you want to cancel, they'll waive your fee so you'll get 60 days for free. But wait, Thats not all! I just called again and they're waiving my fee yet again. so 90 days of free shipping. It makes shipping to good old Canada eeeeeeeazzzzzaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Anyway, Theres my plug cause i've heard of but i never wanted to pay the fee. 90 days free, heck, i'll continue to ride this wave.

only drawback is you have to purchase credit in 10 dollar increments.

if only we could get beckett customer service to get a hint.