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2 BOXES 2014 UD - alxtb - 04-18-2014

Sorry pack pulled 2014 stuff is 100%pc

My first box was pretty bad, all 3 autos showed up in the first 6 packs I opened which made for a long drawn out box (hoped it would be 1 of the boxes ive seen with an extra auto, but no)
[Image: 4-18-201444233PM_zps5756b9f7.jpg]
[Image: 4-18-201444336PM_zps4fb2bd4f.jpg]
[Image: 4-18-201444512PM_zpsebb58be8.jpg]

Thats the goods for that 1, had me worried going in to the second box.

Only 1 auto in the first 10 packs
[Image: 4-18-201443733PM_zps423e433d.jpg]
Not great, but still had 10 packs with 2 autos left
then these in back to back packs
Good chance to be a winner
[Image: 4-18-201443403PM_zpsacdb368a.jpg]
SP? Maybe on this one?
[Image: 4-18-201443523PM_zps140949d5.jpg]

Then these were in the same pack
sp auto
[Image: 4-18-201443838PM_zpsa0e3d613.jpg]
[Image: 4-18-201443628PM_zpsbb10da63.jpg]
Still 7 packs to go and 1 auto

2 packs later, another shortprinted auto and 1 of the better backs
[Image: 4-18-201444109PM_zpsf7f79ea1.jpg]

So much happier with this box to finish it out knowing it was not the dud of box 1
Then pack 19-BANG!!!!!
[Image: 4-18-201443951PM_zpsc85e1c46.jpg]

RE: 2 BOXES 2014 UD - savagenate - 04-18-2014

Nice Bortles! He might be the best of the bunch in the future...and I've heard good things about the Janis kid too... Not too bad!

RE: 2 BOXES 2014 UD - mooncricket916 - 04-18-2014

Nice! That damien williams fs? Shoot me a pm if it is

RE: 2 BOXES 2014 UD - coltsfansince85 - 04-18-2014

Nice stuff!

RE: 2 BOXES 2014 UD - home plate 1989 - 04-19-2014

Nice Bortles....they should do a dual auto with his girlfriend!

RE: 2 BOXES 2014 UD - spazzyvol - 04-19-2014

you did much better than i did. bought a box and half yesterday. no wild autos really. got the damien williams letterman too, along with a james white letterman, a james white auto, tom savage auto, davante adams auto and some other guy i cant remember.

RE: 2 BOXES 2014 UD - OnTheAir - 04-19-2014

Any chance you'd move the Autzen Stadium card? Nice break.

RE: 2 BOXES 2014 UD - InThaClutch - 04-19-2014

nice bortles bud

RE: 2 BOXES 2014 UD - spazzyvol - 04-20-2014

I'm going to build a rookie authentics set. What did you pull? Would you trade them?

RE: 2 BOXES 2014 UD - alstott9adams - 04-20-2014

Nice tribute card