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FREE CARDS - Gift Thread (UPDATED 8/3/2014) - sfreinker - 04-05-2014

Okay folks I am re-starting a gift thread that was once on here. These are not trades and does not involve any feedback or rating system. Its just fun for everyone and something we can all enjoy.


* by the name indicates I have their address on file
<b><u>Collector's List:</b></u>

Adalbert (Raul) Mondessi - matvoo*
Andruw Jones - <b>Christiem*</b>
Arismendy Alcantara - jborusso
Ben Zobrist - bigitybizy (& son)*
Brandon Belt - <b>JRMdawg311*</b>
Barry Bonds - <b>RyanKramer961*</b>
Bryce Harper - rad_1205*
Cal Ripken, Jr. - <b>stickhostcs*, redskins316*</b>
Carlos Gonzalez - <b>RyanKramer961*</b>
Chipper Jones - accfan01*
Chris Davis - <b>bowers25*, redkins316*</b>
Coco Crisp - <b>Kingofallmarks (daughter)*</b>
Craig Biggio - Odyssey*
Dallas Braden - <b>Kingofallmarks*</b>
Dale Murphy - jacobystealshome (2000 and newer)*
Darnell McDonald - jacobystealshome (Red Sox uni)*
David Ortiz - <b>Kingofallmarks*</b>
David Price - bigitybizy (& son)*
Dellin Betances - span776*
Derek Jeter - <b>yankees_pride*</b>, accfan01*, cardfanatic2003*
Don Mattingly - span776*
Dustin Pedroia - Dukester*, GregBoSoxFan44*
Frank Thomas - hatchd (White Sox Uni)*
Fred McGriff - jacobystealshome (2000 and newer)*
Freddie Freeman - <b>Christiem*</b>, michael_p_lopez30*
Evan Longoria - bigitybizy (& son)*
Evan Rust - Kingofallmarks*
George Brett - cardfanatic2003*
Greg Maddux - Dukester*
Harmon Killebrew - <b>txviking*</b>
Henry Owens - GregBoSoxFan44*
Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez - <b>bowers*25</b>, Gtbrian23
Jim Edmonds - jniere15 (Cardinals Uni Only)*
Joe Mauer - mmahoney*
Joey Votto - <b>uc7bearcat*</b>
Jon Lester - markie_mark*
Jonathon Schoop - <b>sfreinker*</b>
Jorge Posada - span776*
Josh Reddick - <b>JRMdawg311*</b>
Justin Verlander - <b>sfreinker*</b>
Ken Griffey, Jr. - ryanmo5*
Kevin Millar - jacobystealshome (Red Sox uni)*
Kent Hrbek - <b>txviking*</b>
Kirby Puckett - mmahoney*
Kyle Seager - <b>kman9111*</b>
Manny Machado - <b>sfreinker*</b>, <b>bowers25*</b>, <b>redskins316*</b>, MannyMachado13*
Mariano Rivera - span776*
Mark McGwire - <b>Kingofallmarks*</b>
Matt Holiday - markie_mark*
Matt Moore - bigitybizy (& son)*
Miguel Cabrera - Baseballkid1999*
Mike Trout - <b>coreybush*</b>
Nolan Arenado - kelbysdaddy*
Nolan Ryan - <b>coreybush*</b>
Paul Goldschmidt - ryanmo5*
Pete Rose - <b>uc7bearcat*</b>
Rickey Henderson - <b>txviking*</b>
Rod Carew - mmahoney*
Ryne Sandberg - WillTheThrill22*
Sammy Sosa - markie_mark*
Shane Victorino - Phillies_Joe (daughter)*
Tim Wakefield - Dukester*
Troy Tulowitzki - <b>RyanKramer961*</b>
Vladimir Guerrero - <b>Christiem*</b>
Will Clark - <b>Kingofallmarks*</b>, WillTheThrill22*
Will Middlebrooks - Dukester*
Wil Myers - rad_1205*
Wily Mo Pena - jacobystealshome (Red Sox uni)*
Yasiel Puig - rad_1205*

Arizona Diamondbacks - ryanmo5*
Atlanta Braves - <b>Christiem*</b>
Baltimore Orioles - <b>sfreinker*, redskins316*</b>
Boston Red Sox - minitracer*, GregBoSoxFan44*
Chicago Cubs - <b>stickhostcs*</b>, markie_mark*
Cincinnati Reds - pmiddleton84*, <b>uc7bearcat*</b>
Detroit Tigers - Baseballkid1999*
Houston Astros - astro7*
KC Royals - MannyMachado13*
L.A. Angels - mrhurtado17*
L.A. Dodgers - minitracer*, mrhurtado17*
Milwaukee Brewers - kelbysdaddy*
Minnesota Twins - <b>txviking*</b>, mmahoney
New York Yankees - yankeeempire*
Oakland A's - <b>JRMdawg311*</b>
Philadelphia Phillies - yankeeempire (son)*, Phillies_Joe (90's)*
San Francisco Giants - <b>JRMdawg311*, RyanKramer961*</b>
Seattle Mariners - <b>kman9111*</b>
Tampa Bay Rays - minitracer*, bigitybizy (& son)*
Texas Rangers - Gtbrian23

2012 Topps 1987 Topps Minis - astro7*
2012/13 Panini Cooperstown Signatures - <b>happy14027*</b>
2013 Topps Heritage - michael_p_lopez30*
2014 Topps Opening Day Blue - <b>sfreinker*</b>
Allen & Ginter (anything) - jcollyer*
Allen & Ginter (Racing in Baseball sets) - racinghy*
Mascots - Philles_Joe (daughter)*
Mini-Cards (anything not regular size) - Phillies_Joe (daughter)*

<b><u>The way it works is this:</b></u>

<b>1.</b> You post on the thread the player/team/brand/set you collect. You must be a collector of anything of that player/team/brand/set for this to really work. **Please no requests for specific #'d cards. It'll be too time consuming.** That is all you do here. I will try to keep an updated list (once a week) in the thread so we don't have to read too much to find a person for the gift.

<b>2.</b> You must PM me your address to be on the mailing list and also must post your requests (not address) in this thread as well.

<b>3.</b> Those <b>names listed in bold</b> will be names of folks who have verified sent cards. If you haven't sent something within a 90 day window your name will be returned to normal status until verification of another gift has been made.

<b>4.</b> Check the list and find someone you think would enjoy something you have. After you have made your selection, PM me and I will PM you an address for the card to be sent to (if you want to send to me, PM me for that address as well). Then you simply mail the card PWE to the person as a gift.

Everyone has cards laying around they don't want or need and if they are low-end, often times we don't want to trade them because it isn't worth mailing in a bubble mailer, etc.

Everyone should be getting random mail and a surprise at the same time, which is always fun. It also means many folks getting base/inserts etc. for their PC and people being generous to each other or their children.

I think this will be fun for everyone. This will be great if you have children who collect as well. If you're sending to a child please feel free to address it to the child. Kids love getting mail too! <i>Parents, include the age of your child as well, so that the sender can write them an age appropriate note to go with the cards (ie. when I was your age my favorite player was . . . etc.)</i>

Please do not post unless you intend to return the favor to the Beckett community as well. There is no limit to what you can send and you're all welcome to mail however you choose but only PWE is required.

The cost for this is basically one stamp for every person you choose to send a gift to.

I also ask you post some of the gifts you receive here to encourage others to play along. TTM autos or in person autos work great as well for gifts if you have an extra laying around. This should be fun for all, so post and enjoy. You're even welcome to post a picture of a card you wanna give away and someone can respond as a taker if they want it.

Everything here must be <b>FREE</b> though and for this thread let's stick to baseball only please.

<u>OP's NOTE TO TRADERS:</u> Please do not ask to be on this list if you have no intention of sending any cards. This is not just a list for guys to get free stuff. The intent is to send free stuff as well. If you go more than 6 months <b>(or 3 months after signing up)</b> without sending something I will send you a message to which you should reply within 2 weeks or you will be removed for non-activity. You will then have to resend your wants and address info.

<u>Additional OP note:</u> Please put your user ID on all gifts so that others can properly thank the sender. If you want to be anonymous then that is fine as well.

RE: FREE CARDS - Gift Thread (Reboot) - yankees_pride - 04-05-2014

Derek Jeter

And sfreinker look through my Machado post and let me know what ones you need.

RE: FREE CARDS - Gift Thread (Reboot) - jcollyer - 04-05-2014

Anything ginter

RE: FREE CARDS - Gift Thread (Reboot) - stickhostcs - 04-05-2014

Cal Ripken Jr., Chicago Cubs

RE: FREE CARDS - Gift Thread (Reboot) - ryanmo5 - 04-05-2014

Dbacks and Goldschmidt, griffey Jr.

RE: FREE CARDS - Gift Thread (Reboot) - Baseballkid1999 - 04-05-2014

Detroit tigers~ baseballkid1999

RE: FREE CARDS - Gift Thread (Reboot) - minitracer - 04-05-2014

Tampa Bay Rays
Red Sox

RE: FREE CARDS - Gift Thread (Reboot) - sfreinker - 04-05-2014

Please PM me your addresses.

(04-05-2014, 02:22 PM)jcollyer Wrote: Anything ginter

(04-05-2014, 02:33 PM)ryanmo5 Wrote: Dbacks and Goldschmidt, griffey Jr.

(04-05-2014, 03:00 PM)Baseballkid1999 Wrote: Detroit tigers~ baseballkid1999

RE: FREE CARDS - Gift Thread (Reboot) - Christiem - 04-05-2014

Andruw Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Freddie Freeman

Cool idea!

RE: FREE CARDS - Gift Thread (Reboot) - yankees_pride - 04-05-2014

Pm him addresses so we can start getting these cards out. I have a few stacks ready to go