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3/29/14 Card show pick ups-Scan heavy - JMarchand1981 - 03-30-2014

I went to the card show in Wilmington MA yesterday. I am a bargain bin hunter at card shows. I buy higher end stuff on ebay because I feel the prices are a little bitter.

So with the exception of the last scan, everything here was under $2. Only a few cards were $2, most were $1 and many were .50 and under.

The Richardson and both Pierce's are refractors
[Image: IMG_NEW_zps2023eaaa.jpg]

The Payton's, Aldridge's, and Andre Miller are refractors
[Image: IMG_NEW_0001_zpsde562781.jpg]

I basically swung and missed on this entire scan...but it only set me back $4 or so.
[Image: IMG_NEW_0002_zps3057cd9b.jpg]

This Randolph's are PC. THe Iggy would normally be but apparently I already had that one. The Bowman Randolph is /199 (I believe). The Red Bowman Signatures is /50.
[Image: IMG_NEW_0003_zps2fd318ba.jpg]

The Aldridge Chrome is in a dirty penny sleeve. The Aldridge TFC is PC. The Iggys are all numbered.
[Image: IMG_NEW_0004_zpse6599a94.jpg]

The Tony Allen and Conley the RC refractors.
[Image: IMG_NEW_0005_zps2d55f6ed.jpg]

And now for the Chrome RC's.
[Image: IMG_NEW_0006_zpsb2eb2485.jpg]
[Image: IMG_NEW_0007_zpsf67a69b2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_NEW_0008_zpsbf61c68a.jpg]

This scan was where I spent more than $2 per card.
Tony Allen /25- I paid $4
Bargnani RC auto- I paid $4
Z-bo Auto- I paid $4 (I know it is in bad shape but its PC anyway.)
The Hamilton FF auto/relic- I paid $4
The Iggy SP was $6
The Iggy Silo was $10
[Image: IMG_NEW_0009_zpsc484f471.jpg]

All together I spent $97 on cards. I spent $14 on admission for myself and my wife. I also dropped $80 on supplies but that will last me probably the rest of 2014.

RE: 3/29/14 Card show pick ups-Scan heavy - folkertino - 03-30-2014

wow nice pick ups and at great prices too!!

RE: 3/29/14 Card show pick ups-Scan heavy - buckunteer - 03-30-2014

Card shows man...that's where you can get the best bang for your buck as long as you aren't collecting super high-end or super popular players. Mitch pickings tend to be slim, but they're always cheap if/when I find them. I've also had a lot of luck picking up Buckeye autos down here in NC as opposed to the premium they tend to garner back home in Ohio. Great work man!

RE: 3/29/14 Card show pick ups-Scan heavy - The_Zodiac_Collection - 03-30-2014

Very nice pick ups!

RE: 3/29/14 Card show pick ups-Scan heavy - SHowley2003 - 03-30-2014

Great haul bud. I wish I could have made it. Today was my onl day off and my brother was nice enough to offer to come by and help me hang some drywall in a room I'm renovating. I couldn't pass that up just to hang out with cardboard...

RE: 3/29/14 Card show pick ups-Scan heavy - gokings02 - 03-30-2014

Great pickups.

RE: 3/29/14 Card show pick ups-Scan heavy - djohn - 03-31-2014

Some nice pick-ups especially the autos at $4 a piece.