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Going retro at the LCS. - SHowley2003 - 03-19-2014

I am one a few basketball customers that shops at my LCS. He had an individual come in this weekend looking to sell. The owner bought and called me. I went down today and took a look at this complete set. I am a set collector, but I was 50/50 heading down. I prefer to collect a set, not buy it. Once I had these in hand I had to get them though. I got them for a price well below what it would take for me to put it together and the cards are in great shape. (Sorry for all the pics, I thought some of the cards were funny)

[Image: 4ABBAF01-F173-425E-90BB-363B065CC227_zpsoac8jyna.jpg]
[Image: 8090F387-FA78-4707-9CED-6211A9B2B813_zpsp48xlvv3.jpg]
[Image: 60140D4F-A37E-4F13-8A6A-74C2F6FEA93E_zpsup0zfhew.jpg]
[Image: 1F28069D-971D-4D56-846C-5837CE61CEE3_zpsrn2ltgax.jpg]
[Image: 1C561BA4-4CC2-4651-9AA6-AB100190A086_zpsnebrfruc.jpg]
[Image: 42203720-953F-4E91-B262-BF06D4D2DDBC_zps95y3bwfj.jpg]
[Image: 590FBA9A-6255-4095-82D4-985F35B731FF_zpsktr14deu.jpg]
[Image: B9A8FCE2-9DEA-45D7-9A7C-DFB44A2B0D47_zpsevdizvds.jpg]

Adam Morrison???
[Image: 2FDD4BB4-DEE1-4AEE-B1CC-3B60C70C6E2D_zpsxj5cwuzv.jpg]
[Image: CC1488E7-392D-4185-BD5B-FEB895A9435C_zpszyjqtf13.jpg]
[Image: 4A7D1DDC-AB7E-4D70-89DB-B852D26FA619_zpsg1gzkwoh.jpg]

RE: Going retro at the LCS. - aarhart1985 - 03-19-2014

Nice addition! Vintage wax sets are never a bad idea.

RE: Going retro at the LCS. - djohn - 03-19-2014

Very nice, I think vintage basketball are some of the most under-appreciated cards around.

RE: Going retro at the LCS. - hercules21 - 03-19-2014

niiiiice! phil jackson in a knicks uniform 40 years before becoming their president.

RE: Going retro at the LCS. - TBarn291 - 03-19-2014

Love it!! I need a Walton RC still. That one looks like its in pretty good shape, nice pickups!

RE: Going retro at the LCS. - The_Zodiac_Collection - 03-20-2014

Very nice pick up!

RE: Going retro at the LCS. - crimedawg47 - 03-20-2014

Ya nice find. Ive been trying to put that set together for awhile. Missing a couple key pieces, the Walton and Gervin mainly.

RE: Going retro at the LCS. - jaykayzee - 03-20-2014

Classic and really cool to look thru!

RE: Going retro at the LCS. - rjcj2017 - 03-20-2014

I need a Jackie Moon.

He played for the Flint Tropics and also had a hit single, "Love Me Sexy!"

Awesome set ... I'd love to pick one of those up sometime.

RE: Going retro at the LCS. - classical_hero - 03-21-2014

I am insanely jealous that you have them.