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Be home soon! - buckles2335 - 02-26-2014

So my nine month deployment is coming to an end! I have 16 hobby boxes and a 2011 just minors mystery mini bat case waiting on me. Hoping to get back into trading with my old traders and any of you new traders out there. I should be back to trading the middle of March. I will be looking for Braves, mostly Freeman and Chipper!

RE: Be home soon! - iconms - 02-26-2014

Thank you for your service!

RE: Be home soon! - snappyjoe75 - 02-26-2014

looking forward to it. and thanks again!!

RE: Be home soon! - mgruber2 - 02-26-2014

Welcome home!

RE: Be home soon! - bigmerz - 02-26-2014

Welcome back!

RE: Be home soon! - buckles2335 - 02-26-2014

Thank you all. Sitting in Bahrain, in port. I get to come home a few weeks early, because i am transferring to California. I am looking forward to getting back to trading with all of you!

RE: Be home soon! - once78 - 02-26-2014

Welcome back to the Mother-land!!!

RE: Be home soon! - photowiz1 - 02-26-2014

Welcome back brother and go Braves!! You live in the Atlanta area? Im in Gwinnett.

RE: Be home soon! - BGS_Graded_Card_Guy - 02-26-2014

Welcome home. I look forward to more trades with you. Travel safe.

RE: Be home soon! - glassnickels - 02-26-2014

Welcome (almost) home and thank you for your service!