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Coin Forum in future? - AMGreager - 02-17-2014

Is there any talk about a separate coin collecting forum? I'm a novice coin collector and would love to use Beckett forums for information, questions etc...I'd prefer not to join another collecting interest group. Thanks in advance for any assistance


RE: Coin Forum in future? - dogboy34 - 02-17-2014

I am thinking that is on the horizon, but it may take some time to get it off the ground it seems! I will be waiting on it for sure!

RE: Coin Forum in future? - AMGreager - 02-17-2014

Sounds great, I will keep checking the media updates! Thank you

RE: Coin Forum in future? - tadamer84 - 02-06-2019

I recently sent in a 1942 Jefferson Nickel (No MM & Weights 4.2 grams) to be graded yet there is no information on it or any of the cards I sent in yet I received an e-mail saying they are "Sent" does anyone know why this may be?? I did also send in a 1966 Jim Palmer (RC) "Venezuelan" Parallel ($300-$800 Ungraded) and a regrade. I know several coin experts that all looked at it & agreed that it was NOT Counterfeit, NOT shaven or tampered with in any way, & was the most unique coin they had ever seen. I've spent years looking 4 any information on it w/o any luck so I figured I'd send it in 2 Beckett but I never foreseen this happening, not only do I not have any information on it but I DON'T HAVE MY COINS OR CARDS, I don't even know what they MAY HAVE GOTTEN, Whats up with this & does anyone know why a 1942 Nickel would weigh only 4.2 grams, it's the Type 1 that is NOT SILVER & in vg+ condition, everything on it visible, some very nice!!

RE: Coin Forum in future? - rjcj2017 - 04-09-2019

Anytime I see a penny in a parking lot, I pick it up. I heard it's bad karma to leave it there, and I always hope I'll find a really old one.