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RE: Some recent mail (Update - 03/30) - TBarn291 - 03-31-2014

(03-30-2014, 12:39 AM)buckunteer Wrote: I gotta agree man I think that Hill is the best pickup there- and there are a lot to choose from!

I had to stare at that Walton triple auto for a few seconds though to figure out why the heck those three are on the same card given their complete lack of similarity in position, pro teams, etc., but they're all UCLA guys if I'm not mistaken?

In any event, awesome pickups all around as usual!

Thanks Buck! I really liked that Hill, but I think my favorite was the Tristan Emerald Patch /5. Yeah I didn't know Davis went to UCLA until I saw this card lol.
(03-30-2014, 01:25 AM)nickm1123 Wrote: Yes, all three are UCLA guys.

Tbarn, great pickups as always. That Hill is awesome but I really like the Hardaway! Great stuff.

Thanks man. I really liked the look and design of the Patch/Auto /100 set. I have been thinking about trying to go after the set, still not sure if I can commit to that. If you see a Kobe or Kyrie Patch/Auto show up in my threads you will know I am going for that set lol.