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2012 Panini Black - Poorcupcake - 08-13-2013

Busted this open the other day! All will be going to the Bay.

[Image: trentrichrdson.jpg]
[Image: ryanbroyles.jpg]
[Image: NajeeGoode.jpg]
[Image: curtismartin.jpg]
[Image: blount.jpg]

And the Big one...

[Image: RussellWilson.jpg]

Usually one can get very excited about pulling a Wilson, however this card was damaged. The bottom edge was all frayed and peeling. Sent off to Panini so we will see what they will do to make it right.

RE: 2012 Panini Black - gocardinals - 08-13-2013

very nice..too bad on the wilson..hopefully panini makes it right..

RE: 2012 Panini Black - Nado15 - 08-13-2013

Very nice break! Good luck with that Wilson!

RE: 2012 Panini Black - kstjst - 08-13-2013

congrats on the wilson...even if it was a little dinged. that's why it's so tough on the black borders and the high ends.

RE: 2012 Panini Black - bakerman8419 - 08-14-2013

(08-13-2013, 02:16 PM)gocardinals Wrote: very nice..too bad on the wilson..hopefully panini makes it right..


Sweet T Rich though!

RE: 2012 Panini Black - s1020 - 08-14-2013

(08-14-2013, 02:22 AM)bakerman8419 Wrote: +1

Sweet T Rich though!

I can't believe they are the nerve to put Blount autos in a higher end product. Nice Wilson though!!

RE: 2012 Panini Black - alstott9adams - 08-14-2013

Nice bucs hits

RE: 2012 Panini Black - oumike83 - 08-14-2013

LMK if u dont sell the Broyles. Id be interested in trading for it. mike

RE: 2012 Panini Black - InThaClutch - 08-14-2013

pm me a price on the wilson

RE: 2012 Panini Black - pudge27t - 08-15-2013

Man u did pretty well, as most of the people who break this product usually don't! Congrats!