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New PC Focus- 1984 Star - user_3n5kp - 07-11-2013

I have had very little focus on a PC outside MJ cards since I got back into the hobby last year and decided it was time to stop wasting money on boxes and start up a fun project. I settled on a very slept on set that holds a special place for me, 1984-85 Star Basketball. I saw a full bagged set at the National last year and have debating going after it since. There is a stunning, all graded GAI 9 set on eBay now at 7200 and it fired me up.

The goal is all 24 team bags plus the Spec bag raw and the big RCs (MJ, MJ Olyimpic and #188, Olajuwon, Barkley, Stockton) graded BGS as well as bagged. Might take a while but here is my humble start (Estrellas got in the scan just because its cool):

[Image: MJ_1.jpg]

[Image: 8485_zps590123b0.jpg]

[Image: 84-85bags_zpsf432c853.jpg]