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MJ Auto Pickup! - htowntigger - 07-10-2013

I owned a BGS 9 of this a few years back... decided to sell and wait until a better one came up. Here it is!

[Image: 05-06SPGameUsedSignificance25F_zpsd8a3b407.jpg]

RE: MJ Auto Pickup! - rjcj2017 - 07-10-2013

Not bad, Juan!

RE: MJ Auto Pickup! - sonic311 - 07-10-2013

That is nice, congrats on the upgrade.

RE: MJ Auto Pickup! - nickm1123 - 07-10-2013

Man just gross. Nice pickup.

RE: MJ Auto Pickup! - kstjst - 07-10-2013

very nice...congrats!

RE: MJ Auto Pickup! - TBarn291 - 07-10-2013

Stunning pickup man! Congrats!

RE: MJ Auto Pickup! - user_3n5kp - 07-11-2013

Awesome MJ Auto. First the 1/1 pull now this? Your collection must be looking pretty nice these days. Congrats. Hoping to add my first MJ Auto later this week myself via trade...

RE: MJ Auto Pickup! - swjrp10 - 07-11-2013

dang bro, that's just sick. One of my favorite auto sets too, nice and clean!