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Emmanuel Sanders PC - xarchmadanx - 05-11-2013

Wondering what Beckett's requirements are for their supercollector?
These shots are only of cards. I have numerous 8x10 autographs, jerseys, and a helmet.

Always looking to add to this!

[Image: Sanders01_zps2efb4303.jpg][Image: Sanders02_zps03658849.jpg][Image: Sanders03_zpsda59e4c3.jpg][Image: Sanders04_zps4cb02e3b.jpg][Image: Sanders05_zps05d79346.jpg]


[Image: Sanders06_zpse4145816.jpg][Image: Sanders07_zps47d001f6.jpg][Image: Sanders08_zps16c08ade.jpg][Image: Sanders09_zps45a3ecbf.jpg][Image: Sanders10_zps1fb65f82.jpg]

[Image: Sanders_zps8f08e944.jpg]

RE: Emmanuel Sanders PC - jfrench91 - 05-11-2013

sweet collection bro.. very sweet

RE: Emmanuel Sanders PC - phinzphan1372 - 05-12-2013

Awesome.... the nameplate sticks out like a sore thumb ( in a good way ) .... the last pic is just plain crazy! Smile

RE: Emmanuel Sanders PC - jfrench91 - 05-14-2013

im bumping this up.. really sweet collection!