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RNH? Crosby? My Canada Day Hits - arock99 - 02-09-2013 02:32 PM

I'll post the details about the RNH and Crosby at the end. Let's just say I finally have the Crosby card i've been looking for for a while....

give me a bit and i'll start off by posting box 1 of 3 of heroes and prospects i picked up....I would say so far out of the 2012-13 breaks i have done it has been the most fun

ok so this is box 1 of 3...its actually the 2nd box i opened

3d: Anthony Duclair, Carter Hansen
Top Prospects: Derrick Pouliot
Memorial Cup: Bo Horvat / Keegan Lowe
Subway Super Series: Mark McNeill

Autos: Colin Jacobs, Matt Finn, Ryan Kujawinski
Game Used Jersey Silver Version Daniel Altshuller (red/black/red/white)
Dual Jersey Silver /40 Radek Faksa (white) Ryan Murphy (blue)
Game Used Patch Silver Version: Ryan Murphy 2 letter es on white...nice patch (from reebok perhaps?)

box 2 of 3...this is actually the first box i opened

3D: Bo Horvat, Matt Needham
Subway Super Series: Nathan MacKinnon
Memorial Cup Seth Griffith / Ryan Tesunk
Top Prospects Mikhail Grigorenko

only 4 auto/jerseys for this box (the last one was 6):

Autos: Max Domi, Adam Ernie
Game Used Jersey black version Cole Cheveldave (orange)
Memorabilia silver of 20 Jari Kurri (black/grey/white)

3rd and final box of heroes and prospets....i have 2 more boxes of a different mystery product after this

3d: eric comrie, greg chase
subway super series jordan binnington
memorial cup champions yannick veilleux
top prospects radek faksa

and for this box i got 5 auto/jerseys

autos: darnell nurse, mietchell moroz
game used jersey black version colton sissons (greenish blue)
net prospects jersey gold /10 laurent brossoit (red/blue)
game used patch silver version william carrier (the CH part of CHL...a beauty)

ok so I'm almost at the RNH and Crosby part....

2 last boxes....both of them 2011-12 pinnacle

1st box:

breakthrough: logan couture, david backes, keith yandle
RCs: ben scrivens, adam henrique, david savard, joe vitale
rink collection: ryan smyth
team pinnacle: carey price (PC)
tough times: bruce shoebottom
revolution: james riemer

and the hits...

game night material matt carkner (black)
tomas tatar prime threads /50 (white/red)
game night signatures redemption card 6 which looks like is Tyler Seguin

ok so one last box coming up
ok so the final box and then my RNH Crosby story

RCs: justin faulk, matt frattin, zac rinaldo, erik gudbranson
breakthough: keith yandle, milan lucic, david backes
tough times: gino odjick
rink collection: milan lucic
team pinnacle; milan lucic

the hits:
black: alex ovechkin

game night jersey (black) jarome iginla
threads brent seabrook prime /50 (white/red)

no autos in this box? hold on Smile
ok so the first 2 boxes of H&P and the 2 boxes of pinnacle were all purchased at the first LCS i went to.
I opened the 2 H&P and the first pinnacle there...

the 2nd pinnacle i opened in the parking lot of the 2nd LCS....
one of the last hits (which i didnt mention above) was:

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Auto RC

I already have that card in my collection...while at the 2nd LCS I made a deal...I traded
the RNH I had gotten in one of my packs a few minutes earlier and some cash and purchased
another box of H&P from this store...

in return for?

2005-06 Upper Deck card number 201

For those not familliar with that card...its Sidney Crosby's Young Guns card. that was the
top Crosby card I was looking for. Now i have to figure out what the top Crosby card i want
is now that i finally have this card in my PC...

I also opened a few packs of this year's National Hockey card day but didnt get anything of

one thing i'm a little bummed about is Panini didnt bother having cards this time around
one thing i forgot to mention....i wasnt going to get the 2nd box of Pinnacle originally.

I had opened 2 boxes of H&P and took a box of pinnacle for later...then i went to pay but the lineup was too big...

so i opened that box of pinnacle and picked another box for the road...which was the box that had RNH

RE: RNH? Crosby? My Canada Day Hits - rayeates - 02-09-2013 04:16 PM

Very nice hits!!! Congrats on the Nugent-Hopkins, and finally snagging your top Young Guns! Expect a Trade Offer in the near future!


RE: RNH? Crosby? My Canada Day Hits - arock99 - 02-09-2013 04:38 PM

sounds good thanks....really happy to finally snag that one....

not sure what card will be my top wanted card now...likely another Crosby RC i dont already have

RE: RNH? Crosby? My Canada Day Hits - bonnev659 - 02-10-2013 01:07 PM

congrats on your hits

and great story

RE: RNH? Crosby? My Canada Day Hits - alstott9adams - 02-17-2013 05:26 PM

Massive hits