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Dream Team Collection - netsfan1534 - 02-03-2013

I'm trying to have a Dream Team autograph collection. Right now I have 8 out of the 12 dream teamers, and the guys I need are Clyde Drexler, Magic Johnson, Patrick Ewing, and Christian Laettner. I'm trying to get all the players on the teams they played for during the '92 Olympics, so Drexler would be on the Trail Blazers and Laettner would be on Duke, Magic on LA, and Ewing on the Knicks. I also need a Chuck Daly auto to complete the collection. Let me know if anyone has any of these four guys to help me complete my collection. Thanks!

RE: Dream Team Collection - hercules21 - 02-03-2013

Awesome. I'm jealous! I've just started going for the same goal. I've got Laettner if you're interested.

RE: Dream Team Collection - netsfan1534 - 02-03-2013

PM sent.