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RE: MJ maildays: Nice mid-90s update w/scan 3-11! - buckunteer - 04-01-2015

Alright guys, this is case and point why you HAVE to troll craigslist on occasion, there are some gems on there!

Found a guy selling "2 michael jordan autograph cards" and the pics actually looked legit. I couldn't believe what I saw when I actually got there: TWO 90s-era authentic MJ autos! I felt almost bad for the guy as he wanted $400 each. I don't have that kind of money to burn (even for a crazy deal like this), but I hustled to the bank and pulled the $800 out of my savings!

One is DEFINITELY going in the PC, the other I will certainly hang onto for awhile but may consider selling if the price is right.

You ready for this?

No, seriously, you ready?

[Image: new%20MJs%204-1%20001_zps2wx0mop7.jpg]

April Fools' :-D

In seriousness though, I got great deals on these "90s-era MJ autographed cards" on ebay. Got the gold sig for $25 delivered and the diamond vision signature moves for under $12 delivered!

Sorry for the fakeout, just had to have a little fun Smile Thanks for looking!

RE: MJ maildays: HUGE update- TWO 90s MJ autos!!! with scan! - altz11 - 04-02-2015

I've never even seen either card before, congrats on the new additions.

RE: MJ maildays: HUGE update- TWO 90s MJ autos!!! with scan! - buckunteer - 11-11-2015

So it's been a very long while since I updated this thread, budget constraints coupled with a focus on selling and my Mitch PC have caused the MJ focus to dwindle. I still look for bargains when I can get them though! We all know there are literally hundreds of 90s MJs in that $15-$50 bv range and it would take a lot of time and money to track them all down, even if one had an unlimited supply of both time and money to do so.

That said, I try to pick them up if I can and they're particularly eye-catching, so I think these two fit well Smile

[Image: new%20MJs%2011-8%20001_zpstj42khor.jpg]

Ironically, I already have the refractor of the chrome season's best (pulled it a couple years back), but I still need the MJ/Kobe refractor- it's on my top 10 wantlist. In any event, thanks for looking!

RE: MJ maildays: FINALLY another update with scan 11-11 - buckunteer - 01-30-2016

Solid one-card update today...Love those 90s Bulls black jerseys!

[Image: MJ%202%20for%20me%200%20for%20you_zpsujxxb08k.jpg]

Thanks for checking it out Smile

RE: MJ maildays: Nice one-card update w/ scan 1-30! - buckunteer - 04-23-2016

Another one card update today- if you excuse the Mitch Richmonds because I didn't wanna make another scan.

Who loves those Topps Power Boosters??? Big Grin

[Image: new%20Mitches%20and%20an%20MJ%204-6_zpstdwlnqlz.jpg]

Thanks for lookin'!

RE: MJ maildays: A power boosting update w/ scan 4-23! - buckunteer - 07-01-2016

Got this one in awhile back for about $20 delivered...they grade well due to the rounded-edge design so I'm hopeful for a gold label next time I do a submission!

[Image: MJ%20frequent%20flyer_zps4bim8d6r.jpg]

RE: MJ maildays: flying high update w/ scan 7-1! - buckunteer - 10-19-2016

More MJs Smile

[Image: new%20MJs%2010-17_zps14hnygjo.jpg]

got the boosters in a 10-card lot for $85, sold the other 9 (all MJ doubles) for $130 so it was free Big Grin Love the Meltdown too. Thanks for looking!

RE: MJ maildays: nice 95-96 update w/ scan 10-19! - The_Zodiac_Collection - 10-23-2016


RE: MJ maildays: nice 95-96 update w/ scan 10-19! - buckunteer - 12-07-2016

More new ones! Definitely my nicest update in a while. 2-card update and the combined bv is over $200. On my meager budget it's borderline jackpot!

[Image: new%20graded%20MJs%2012-6_zpsha6zadnl.jpg]

Thanks for looking Smile

RE: MJ maildays: SICK graded update w/ scan 12-6! - jonathani - 12-13-2016

Some people might pay $50 for that card.