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BVG/BGS vs SGC vs PSA - coimbre 21 - 11-16-2012 10:09 AM

What are your personal likes and concerns about the Big 3? Personally I've grown to like all three for varying reasons.

LIKE: Holder offers the best protection, largely because of the soft sleeve contained within the casing/holder. It's an added layer of protection that keeps the card from banging around inside.

CONCERNS: No functioning registry to drive further interest or demand for Beckett graded cards. Those who started registries have been neglected and in limbo for over 1.5 years.

LIKE: Holder offers the best display. The black frame really highlights the card colors and players. Customer service is exceptional.

CONCERNS: Ironically the black frame is my largest concern. I have a number of SGC graded cards that were wedged into the frame, which in effect altered the condition (usually on the bottom edge for some reason) that is stated on the label. Use of a 10x loupe provides a clearer view to any potential damage unseen to the naked eye.

LIKE: PSA really understands registry management as a serious & fun collection tool and as leverage in driving value to PSA graded cards, for both the company and collector. I also really like the card holder design for modern, thicker cards, although a bit larger than needed.

CONCERNS: Cards need to be secured better inside the holder. I winced the first time I heard my 1969 Topps PSA 8 Nolan Ryan accidentally bang around inside the holder. As much as I like the holder for thicker, modern cards, it really suffers from this affliction.