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All my NASCAR needs to go (Except Carl!) - hellsbells - 11-14-2012 10:40 PM

Hey guys -

Finally got all of my NASCAR cards in ORG properly and now I need to get rid of all of them.

I really only want to sell them or trade for Carl Edwards cards I don't have, Carl Edwards Die-cast I don't have, or NASCAR Driver Autos I don't have.

For selling, I will go VERY CHEAP to get rid of these - I will sell individually (Cheap), Driver Lots (Cheaper) or the entire thing (WAAAYYY CHEAP!!!)

Really just need to clear the space, and focus on just my PC.

Depending on the driver, the quantity and BV - you will probably be surprised at how low I will go on this stuff to get rid of it.

The only exceptions are the NASCAR Autograph cards - I plan on keeping them, but keep some of them in the For Trade column to trade for other AU's and high end Carl Edwards cards.

Jeff Gordon Lot - CHEAP
Dale Jr. Lot - not many, but pretty cheap
Tony Stewart Lot - Hate him - VERY Cheap
Almendinger - I think I used all of them as fire starters, but if there are any left, you can have them for postage!

Get the idea?

Let me know if I have anything you need and I will be open to all offers, if not cash then maybe some Cool Nascar Memorabilia, hats, t-shirts, whatever...

Thanks for reading,


RE: All my NASCAR needs to go (Except Carl!) - Drudkh - 11-24-2012 01:03 AM

I'd be interested in any Danica Patrick you have, lmk if we can work something out!