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Impossible set - durfeecoach1 - 11-13-2012 06:25 PM

I have searched every place imaginable to complete 2011 Topps Legends Rookie Auto Set. I have check the checklist multiple times,but can find these guys or people are asking stupid prices for them. Please just somebody tell me if you seen these cards.

RA-MI Mark Ingram Overpriced
RA-BG Blaine Gabbert Overpriced and Seen Twice
RA-JJ Julio Jones Seen Once
RA-AD Andy Dalton Overprice and Seen Once
RA-CK Colin Kaepernick Seen Once
RA-ML Mikel Leshoure Never Seen
RA-TY Titus Young Never Seen
RA-MD Marcell Dareus Never Seen
RA-RC Randall Cobb Never Seen
RA-AG Alex Green Seen Once
RA-DM DeMarco Murray Never Seen
RA-KR Kyle Rudolph Never Seen
RA-JT Jordan Todman Never Seen
RA-TJ Taiwan Jones Never Seen
RA-AP Austin Pettis Never Seen
RA-EG Edmond Gates Never Seen
RA-KH Kendall Hunter Never Seen
RA-VB Vincent Brown Never Seen
RA-DA Darvin Adams Never Seen
RA-ND Noel Devine Never Seen

Funny thing is I have rookie autos of guys that are not on the checklist. If anyone has some of these cards or ones not on the checklist I would pay for them at reasonable prices.