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Up for trade - frump - 10-29-2012

[Image: scan0007.jpg]

I have this 2011 Leaf Legends of Sports Moments of Greatness Autograph GOLD MG35 4/5 Tony Esposito card that I'd like to trade for cards from my "much too large" want list. If interested please check out my Organize

RE: Up for trade - Optimus_Prime - 11-02-2012

I know i don't have anything to make this trade work, but i looked through your org and saw plenty i could use. Hit me up and see if i have anything you want/need and hopefully we can work a trade out

RE: Up for trade - frump - 11-05-2012

1x bump

RE: Up for trade - cdnhulk - 11-05-2012

Very interested...