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Want to trade? - megatron1764 - 10-28-2012 07:51 PM

I'm mainly looking for Stafford's from 2009. I'm willing to trade 2:1 in your favor for any Stafford's or Brandon Pettigrew's that I don't have. I'm also trying to finish a set 2010 Rookies and Stars I need the following cards


[Image: IMG15_0001.jpg]
Stewart 48/50 Driver 89/100
[Image: IMG15_0002.jpg]
Montana Reprint
[Image: IMG15_0003.jpg]
Bradshaw 020/100 Desean 09/75
[Image: IMG15_0004.jpg]
Turner 15/25 Jackson 16/50
[Image: Tyler.jpg][Image: Boldin.jpg][Image: Barden1.jpg][Image: Benn.jpg]
144/150 Boldin 151/250 Barden 018/100 Benn 390/999

I will be adding more, so check back! Thanks
[Image: IMG15_0005.jpg]
Powell 161/249
[Image: IMG15_0006.jpg]
Edwards 258/500

Post Pic limit HAHAHAHAHA!
[Image: IMG15_0007.jpg]
McKnight 218/249 Dorin Dickerson Red ink The Team Quads has a small crease in it by the Wayne and Addai patch's 053/100 I will do half off due to the defect
[Image: IMG15_0008.jpg]
Donald Lee Took half a tree to make so.... Smith is 216/400