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My reduced and refocused collection - lsolarte1 - 10-27-2012 12:01 PM

I recently sold off about 98% of my collection. After spending much of that money on our soon to be family addition, I have a few (about 100) cards and a little scratch left. My collecting goals moving forward is going to be my HOFer PC.

I am trying to collect 1 RC and 1 auto (preferably with a multi color patch) of everyone in the football Hallof Fame. Obviously some don't have jersey autos so then I'm just looking for an auto.

Of the near 350 inductees I have about 100 autos and 60 or so RC.

Flor this collection, not much of my collection is off limits so long as it makes sense. I will also trade down so if I am getting 5-6 HOFer cards I need, I'll send you a 200-300 card in exchange.

Let me know what you have, and let's make some deals. I am open to trade or buy for a fair price.