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First time sending. few questions - xanaty - 10-10-2012 05:51 PM

1. Looking at the electronic submission form, step 1 refers to submission details. It asks for shipping method. Is this for how i'm shipping it to Beckett or how the final graded card will be shipped back to me?

2. For the declared value, what exactly should I put? Should I put what I perceive to be what the card is worth? Am I suppose to check somewhere to see what the card is worth based on what condition I think it is? If I input a wrong declared value and it turns out I should have inputted something higher, will they send the card back to me without grading?

3. For step 3, am i charged right away when I input my credit card details or do they charge after the final grade?

RE: First time sending. few questions - y2hood - 10-10-2012 06:56 PM

1. can't answer I do paper form.

2. I just put book value or what I paid for it.

3. Over 30 submissions since 2008 I've not seen one consistent procedure with this.

RE: First time sending. few questions - kr0n420 - 10-11-2012 04:35 PM

1. It's for how they will be shipped back to you. The electronic form and paper form both have this exact same field.

2. The per-card declaration doesn't matter (a lot), ultimately what you're doing is deciding what insurance bracket you fall in to for when Beckett insures it to send back to you. Whether you're declared value ends up being $200 or $1000 you're still gonna pay $8 return insurance.

3. There's a lack of consistency, but they've never charged me any earlier than 1 week after receiving my cards.