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WTTF: Erik Ersberg - icetigersfan - 10-04-2012

Hi guys

I´m looking for cards from Erik Ersberg. All my wants are marked in my ORG. Please send me offers if you could help me out. I´m sure we can work something out.


RE: WTTF: Erik Ersberg - vespa63 - 10-04-2012

I have a bunch of his stuff. Do not have them in my organizer yet, need to scan them, then list them, but I have pretty much everything except his The Cup RC.
Erik is one of the nicest players you can ever meet, and for him to sit on the bench behind Quick and Bernier for as long as he did with a coach like Murray shows his character.
Sad to see him leave, but glad he is playing not sitting on the end of the bench like he did so many times for the Kings!
I have Oscar Moller stuff also if you are interested.

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RE: WTTF: Erik Ersberg - fiveholesports - 10-04-2012

I know I have a few, including at least two Autos. I'll have a look and add them tonight.

RE: WTTF: Erik Ersberg - icetigersfan - 10-18-2012

Still looking for more Ersberg cards. Please send me offers.