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question about org listing - hongkongfooey - 10-02-2012 01:47 PM

the default listing is nm-mt and I agree with that. Personally, and this might be weird, when I open anything high end, I've got the cut penny sleeves and toploaders ready with gloves on. assuming no dings on corners or any other obvious flaws like wrinkles, would anyone else consider it ok to list those cards as Mint in my org? What about redemption cards? I feel like those are probably pretty Mint too. Just want to get in line with everything to make sure my values are on par with the card itself for trading purposes.

RE: question about org listing - acevanquish - 10-02-2012 02:52 PM

You have to also take into consideration centering. I would send a question to the other person that wants to trade for anything you have marked as mint if they intend to send the card for grading. If they do, your personal opinion of what is good enough for a 10 might not return the same grade. Most people like to leave the default to have an even BV comparison. I would say only change it if the other person shows interest in getting it graded. Then you would have a reason to increase it to show the value compared to someone that has that card at default or did not even evaluate its condition. In that case they would likely want pictures or scans of the card and could agree that your rating is accurate or if they feel it is not as mint as you think. I leave everything at 8 unless I notice something big like corners or creases and I just don't even bother posting it so no one gets upset. I have a few older cards I got from topps diamond giveaway that I expected to be mint, but had rounded corners etc so I took my best guess at a lower #.

RE: question about org listing - hongkongfooey - 10-02-2012 03:06 PM

That makes sense, and the stuff I'm talking about is BV of at least $150 which is most likely going to warrant a picture anyway. I'm still in the dark on what constitutes a good grade, I've had cards that look like 8.5 or 9's come back 9.5 and stuff that looks like an 8 come back a 7. So I'll just leave it alone unless I list one thats got an actual grade on it.