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Panini redemption BS - TBarn291 - 09-29-2012 10:13 PM

I've had a redemption card in at Panini for 3 months. It is a 2011-12 Panini Preferred PS Red Lazar Hayward Auto #ed to 99. Not a valuable card but I need it for my collection. A few days ago I called Panini and was told the cards weren't in yet and in 1 month I could get a replacement card. Well today I get an email telling me that it was replaced with a 2011 Panini Certified Rookie Fabric of the Game Jersey Number Prime Signatures #23 (5 / 25) Delone Carter Indianapolis Colts RB. I don't collect football or pay much attention to it, so I don't even know who this is? Can anyone tell me if it is a decent swap? Also is there a Basketball player who's card values would be comparable?

RE: Panini redemption BS - jpleazme805 - 10-02-2012 12:30 AM

That is messed up!!

I don't get why Panini would replace a basketball card with a football card without asking you first... I would make a complaint.. tell them you don't want the card, unless you think you can sell it for a reasonable price that what the Lazar Hayward card would of been, if produced?

I wonder why they replaced it so fast?

I've had an Elite Black Box - Elgin Baylor "Status Signature" #115 that I been waiting for since 9/20/2011. It's been over a year & they still haven't sent my card yet.

Panini has not replied to my follow-up "status request" that I submitted via their Redemption Program website..

Panini does not respond to the comments I leave on their facebook page... or blogs..

I did get an email on 8/29/12 from Dave (no last name) saying, "These cards will be made in the next few months. I think there was some info lost in translation that caused the delay. I can certainly get you a replacement if you no longer want to wait. Just let me know."

I responded that I want the card that I redeemed & DO NOT want a replacement.

I'm waiting until the end of OCT, then going to email & call Panini asking for status, if card is not received by then... I hate redemptions!! Panini had plenty of Baylor sticker autos to create the 24 Elite Black Box "status signatures" cards... but they chose to use those stickers for other products... every 2011-12 product has pack-pulled Baylor sticker autos... I do not get Panini's reasoning on which redemptions get produced.... There should of never been any so called "info lost in translation" That is pure garbage... No wonder, I have not been buying Panini products lately... matter of fact, not buying boxes... tired of the high cost & deflation that happen with Fleer Retro & a few Panini products...

I am waiting on 4 Farmar Signifcant cards from UD since 2009... & these are not serialized & some have already hit the internet, because I got 3 of them now.. but I sitll want my redemptions refilled, I DO NOT want replacements...

when ever a card that was promised on a redemption card is not produced, it feels like that set will never be complete!! A replacement card is a broken promise by a multi-million dollar company!!

RE: Panini redemption BS - TBarn291 - 10-02-2012 09:14 AM

Hahaha yah I agree with you, that Lazar Hayward is probably only a $20 card at most but if I get all 129 other Red autos it will definitely feel like the set is incomplete missing the one. I find it is easiest just to call panini, I waited on hold about 5 mins and talked to a representative, they never respond to my online requests. I don't know why they sent me football but I'm getting ready to call again and complain.
I just talked to Panini and the lady that answered the phone told me to send the card back in to them and they would reopen my request. So now I gotta pay to send the card back in because they screwed up. The funny thing is I called them last week about my redemption card, and the guy told me that I wasn't eligible for a replacement until 4 months. It has been just a little over 3 months, Sept 26th was 3 months.... so who know whats going on with these guys. I know I have 4 redemption cards in and have been waiting 2 or more months on all of them. They should just not include players in the checklist if they don't have the autos already for it.

RE: Panini redemption BS - jpleazme805 - 10-02-2012 02:55 PM

Tbarn... exactly, why even create a checklist, if they can not fulfill the print run in regards to the autos... they should already have the autos in hand, before producing that card... it should be part of the production process & review... make checklist, get autos, then make cards... obtaining autos should not be the last thing to be done..

redemptions should be saved for non-card items... like auto basketballs, jerseys, game tickets, meet & greet with Kobe, Durant, or other superstars... auto pair of shoes... or $1,000 gift certificate or maybe a case of a future product... or cards that can not be put in packs, because of the extreme high value of the card.. like for UD, MJ auto buybacks 1/1 cards... in Panini's case... maybe, a complete auto set 1/1 of one of their high end products... ect...

I think some of Panini's employees.. even UD employees, are lazy & just going down a list of claimed redemptions.. they try to fulfill those that they have the cards for, then just send what ever replacement out to the others.. but some redemptions, like mine, get forgotten about... & nothing is done... I thought Panini was supposed to have a better redemption program than UD & Topps combined... I think there's is almost worse.!! lack of customer support when it comes to emailing them.. I understand they get a lot of email, but it should be easy to manage... think of a call center for the US Navy.. they get thousands of emails, almost daily.. & they answer each one within 24hrs.. or at minimum respond asking for additional info... I myself, would receive 300-400 emails a day when I worked for the Navy.. It was hard to keep up with them, but I would usually respond within 48hrs.. telling them I would return a more detailed reply at a later time..

I can't believe that a Panini employee told me in other words.. that they dropped the ball, on my redemption... and the 23 other collectors that might have redeemed the Baylor Elite Black #115 card with print run of 24... that was a small amount of sticker autos... Panini refused to look at their outstanding redemptions & decided to use those stickers on other cards... WTH