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1992 Dodgers Police Set Listing Errors - scollignon - 09-29-2012 02:38 PM

I noticed a few errors on the 1992 Dodgers Police set, not sure where to post it. I own #31 which is Mike Piazza, it is listed as Roger McDowell. I also have card #17, which is Robert McDowell but listed as Bob Ojeda. I actuall have the whole set, no Bob Ojeda exists at all. Their card number in the set is their jersey number. McDowell wore 17 after Ojeda left.

I am working on my Mike Piazza Personal Collection and would like to add his 1992 Plice card to my Org but can't...please help!!


RE: 1992 Dodgers Police Set Listing Errors - rayeates - 10-01-2012 06:53 AM

Hey Steve.

In order to report a mistake in the database, you need to contact the concerning editor of the sport. In this case: Beckett Baseball Magazine Email -
Fire off an email with the description of the error, and a few pics of the card, preferably the front and back. It will take some time for the error to be corrected, so patience is key. Best wishes!