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HOCKEY SET CONFUSION - christianr - 09-22-2012 02:59 PM

Hockey set : 1992 High-5 Preview

There is a big confusion in the order of cards in the set mentioned above.

The true order of the cards should be :

1992 High-5 Previews #P1 Ray Bourque DP/Boston B (instead Gretzky)
1992 High-5 Previews #P2 Brett Hull/St. Louis Bl (instead Lemieux)
1992 High-5 Previews #P3 Wayne Gretzky/Los Angel (instead Brett)
1992 High-5 Previews #P4 Mark Messier/Edmonton O
1992 High-5 Previews #P5 Mario Lemieux/Pittsburg (instead Bourque)
1992 High-5 Previews #P6 Ed Belfour DP/Chicago B
1992 High-5 Previews #P6 Ed Belfour AU/1500

RE: HOCKEY SET CONFUSION - rayeates - 09-23-2012 01:05 PM

You happen to have pics of the front and back? If so, you can submit it to the editor of the Hockey Magazine, along with the year, brand, set, numbers and so forth. It might be a pain, but could be worth it to you.

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Hope that this helps out!