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Panini irritating - jfrench91 - 09-22-2012

so i ordered a box of rookies and stars online.. get it yesterday and tore it open like a kid on christmas.. i get done and i only get 2 hits.. crappy ones to say the least and im like.. uh isnt there supposed to be ATLEAST 4? so i look.. yep it says it. I go through the cards cause maybe they stuck to another card cause ironicly im missing 2 autographs.. i TRIPLE CHECKED... no autos. So im FURIOUS about this.. and still am. I counted my packs.. i opened 22 packs.. they also shorted me 2 packs of cards. Is there anything i can actually do about this? i spend 96 bucks on a box of nothing and its real irritating. Opinions and thoughts are wanted!!

RE: Panini irritating - dwegner1 - 09-22-2012

save the wrappers and upc codes and contact panini, I believe they will hook you up, I have never had to do it, so I cant help much, but I know other people have

RE: Panini irritating - xXWhoDaTXx - 09-22-2012

Thats BS! Get on Panini about that!

RE: Panini irritating - nineof - 09-22-2012

Damn that really sucks man. I'd be freaking pissed too. I've heard in the past that card companies will send you something for the shorted hits/packs. I hope they make it right with you.

RE: Panini irritating - all day baby - 09-22-2012

Panini's Customer Service = 1-817-983-0300

Call, and call, and call, and call, and call again.
Well, start calling on Monday.

RE: Panini irritating - joe callahan13 - 09-22-2012

Yeah, they'll make it right. It happens all the time. Usually Topps is MUCH worse about it than Panini though. (At least in my experience)

RE: Panini irritating - cybertrenz02 - 09-22-2012

Have to fill out a request on there website....the ask for the number on the inside top of the box and an explanation of the problem......then you have to print a copy of the request and mail it with the box top and a receipt to the address they say and wait.....doesn't take long usually

RE: Panini irritating - Duchovny2 - 09-22-2012

Who did you buy the box from?

RE: Panini irritating - ugameck - 09-22-2012

(09-22-2012, 08:48 PM)Duchovny2 Wrote: Who did you buy the box from?

Sounds more like a sneaky retailer. 2 hits missing and 2 packs missing? Either a misstep by Panini, or cherry picking by the dealer.

Would like also to know who you bought from before bashing Panini.

RE: Panini irritating - jfrench91 - 09-23-2012

actually im not hardknocking this dealer but it was blowout cards.. ive NEVER EVER had a problem with them and the box was still wrapped. I am NOT blaming blowout for this by any means.
i hate confrontation PERIOD.. but in this situation i feel the need to until i get something for my loss. idc what it is.. i can handle crappy hits but i cant handle NOT getting them to even talk about .