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Walmart 2010 Topps Chrome - JMarchand1981 - 09-18-2012 08:30 PM

The local WalMart had a box of 2010 Topps Chrome for Fifty bucks. I had the money and was in the mood to rip open cheap packs. With 2 auto's per box I figured why not.
I pulled about 8 or 9 regular refractors of commons and nobodys. Nothing to talk about there.
My first auto was Jon Jay. That ink seems to have faded on a portion of it though which is a disappointment.
Second auto was a redemption of Brandon Hicks. That was a swift kick to a bad area. Not only is it a nobody but I need to redeem it and wait for the card. Ouch.
Rest of the box was not so bad.
I pulled the T206 Strasburg Card TC32 out of 999
Topps Chrome heritage Brandon Phillips(it just looks nice) out of C120
And the best pull by far was a Rick Porcello Red Refractor out of 25. THe problem is there is no BV for this because of the print run. Any help with this would be fantastic.