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Beckett Media seeks more card experts - chrisolds - 08-31-2012 12:09 PM

So you think you know cards? Prove it!

Beckett Media is currently accepting resumes from Dallas/Fort Worth-area candidates for the following positions:

-- Beckett Grading Services card graders
-- BGS card verifiers
-- Price guide analysts

Candidates should have a solid grasp of the card industry, including all sports and non-sports as well as vintage ad modern. Knowledge of other collectibles areas -- autographs, memorabilia, comics, coins, etc. -- also is beneficial. Please submit a resume, cover letter and salary requirements to Beckett does not reply to every applicant; qualified candidates will be contacted via email with further information.

For those interested in contributing to Beckett magazines via freelance opportunities, please send story pitches to editor Chris Olds at