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mixed box break (again).... - taffster74 - 08-20-2012 05:59 PM

Got in my latest order from dacardworld - 1 box 2009-10 certified hobby, 3 2009-10 certified hobby blasters, 1 1994-95 UD 1 retail, 1 1994-95 ud 2 retail, 24 packs of 2009 score fb. Only got the UD retails as they were the ones with 2 special editions per pack. Here's the list of hits (nothing is for trade)...

UD 1 - Olajuwan Predictor (R3) was really hoping for the Ewing R7; Jordan Heroes #37; SE Gold - soem scrub not worth mentioning.

UD 2 - Shaquille O'Neal slam Dunk stars!; Eric Mobley Rookie Standouts, Vlade Divac SE Gold.

Certified - Dwight Howard Fabric of the Game, Earl Clark fabric of the game, Stephen Curry Potential Materials, DeJuan Blair Potential Materials, Adrian Dantley Immortals red, Shaq Champions, Bill russell champions red, Boris Diaw Imports, Ilgauskas Imports Blue, Greg Oden Potential, Tyreke Evans Potential (double, so for trade), Hasheem thabeet potential, Jermaine O'Neal Gold, Walt Frazier Fabric of the Game Prime/10, Jack Sikma Immortals Emerald/5.

Score football - Devery henderson and some other guy auto's (this from 24 randomly selected free packs!)

Was very happy with the certified even though I didn't get the Ewing/Frazier shirt of my back - am now 66 cards from the base set. he upper deck boxes - series 1 was pretty good colation wise - only about six from a complete set for my neighbour. Series 2 .... abysmally embarrassing - only 85 cards for a set - no subsets to speak of. The Shaq slam dunk saved the box. Only need about 30 special editions for the set. Score.... I might grab a cheap box or two in the future - it's a nice looking set and the odds a pretty good for some good stuff.

Edit: Forgot my rookie from Certified - Jodie Meeks.

RE: mixed box break (again).... - alstott9adams - 08-20-2012 08:29 PM

Nice oneal