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Brickyard Fun - ryancholden - 08-03-2012

Hey Fellas-
Been a while since I've been on, I hope all is well! We made our annual treck to Indy for the Brickyard again this year. Amazing how many open seats there were....and we've been saying that for the past 4 years. Our Cup seats are atop Turn 4, considered the best seats in the house...I'd say only 60% of our turn section was full. Sad.

We also went to the Nationwide race, sat in the first row of the box at the start finish line, basically right behind the guy waiving the flag. Pretty cool perspective.

What are your thoughts on declinding attendance at the Brickyard? I think it's a combination of a few things: 1) economy has been tough down there, 2) July heat in southern Indiana is rough, 3) The Goodyear blow-up a few years back didn't help, 4) LOTS of single file racing.

RE: Brickyard Fun - minitracer - 08-03-2012

Hey buddy how have you been?

RE: Brickyard Fun - minitracer - 08-03-2012

Hey buddy how have you been?

Oops double post. LoL

RE: Brickyard Fun - jeffgordonracing24 - 08-03-2012

I have been to every Brickyard since the beginning except the last 3. I blame the attendance on the economy mainly. I usually go to 5-6 races a year and I love indy, but it was an expensive weekend for me and you can't see a whole lot of racing. So, I now go to other races that I can see more, but I still love the weekend in indy, not much compares and I will be back there!!

RE: Brickyard Fun - ryancholden - 08-03-2012

We've had tickets in the family since it started (94?), but I've only been going the last 6 or to do the track walk this year and kissed the bricks! Next year the old lady and I are going to hit one of the Nationwide Races at Iowa Speedway, just 2 hours down the road....wish I had time to go to 5 or 6...that would be awesome!

We bought a new house (wife graduated from nursing school), and I'll finally have my home office.... hoping to load it up with nascar and football "goodies" over the next couple of years.