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Topps Series II - awoj - 07-19-2012 07:38 AM

Hey guys,
I won this box on another card trading site. I enjoyed busting it even though I know nothing about baseball!! :oops:
To recap the inserts:

Tom Seaver
Mike Napoli
Roger Maris
Nelson Cruz
Dan Haren
Josh Beckett
Cole Hamels
Jacoby Ellsbury
Joe Mauer

Mound Dominance:
Dennis Eckersley
Jim Palmer
Jon Lester
Phil Niekko
Roy Halladay

Golden Moments:
Mariano Rivera
Tony Gwynn
Buster Posey
Mike Schmidt
Don Mattingly
Chase Utley
Craig Kimbrel
Steve Garvey
Tim Lincecum

Gold Standard:
Willie Mays
Chipper Jones
Andre Dawson
Joe DiMaggio
Mike Schmidt
Mickey Mantle

Gold Futures:
Liam Hendriks
Corey Luebke
Jordan Walden
Matt Dominguez
Neftali Feliz
Matt Moore

Career Day:
Ken Griffey Jr
Tro Tulowitzki
Yogi Berra
Frank Robinson
Jackie Robinson
Ryan Howard

Gold Parallel:
Hisashi Iwakuma
Michael Schwimer
Juan Pierre
Chris Capuano
Eric Chavez
Tyler Greene
Kosuke Fukudome
Austin Jackson
Josh Satin

Cut Above:
Jackie Robinson
Willie Mays
Evan Longoria
Mike Schmidt
Ryan Braun
Hank Aaron

And now finally the hit... Cut above.... jersey... numbered 1/50 (sweet numbering)....

[Image: Image110.jpg]
Albert Pujols

All cards are FS or Trading for Basketball.. LMK

RE: Topps Series II - awoj - 12-15-2012 05:46 AM

Most of this stuff is still FS/FT so let me know if you want to take the whole lot off my hands and I will PM you what is left Big Grin

RE: Topps Series II - Neifert - 12-15-2012 09:05 AM

Pm me with what you have left. I have some older basketball stuff. I have some David Robinson and shaq if you'd be interested I can add them.

RE: Topps Series II - nyyankeesfan28 - 12-15-2012 10:44 AM

Nice box! Those Cut Above relics are few and far between.

RE: Topps Series II - awoj - 12-15-2012 04:30 PM

Mike Napoli TM-77
Roger Maris TM-95
Dan Haren TM-68
Tom Seaver TM-91
Cole Hamels TM-66
Josh Beckett TM-82
Jacoby Ellsbury TM-57
Joe Mauer TM83
Nelson Cruz TM-74

Juan Pierre 658
Eric Chavez 618
Tyler Greene 619

Mike Schmidt ACA-13
Willie Mays ACA-14
Evan Longoria ACA-6
Jackie Robinson ACA-22
Ryan Braun ACA-5
Jank Aaron ACA=21

Frank Robinson CD-7
Yogi Berra CD-25
Troy Tulowitzki CD-24
Ryan Howard CD-16
Jackie Robinson CD-19
Ken Griffey Jnr CD-2

Mike Schmidt GS-41
Willie Mays GS-30
Andre Dawson GS-26
Chipper Jones GS-35

Liam Hendricks GF-49
Corey Luebke GF-50
Jordan Walden GF-37
Matt Moore GF-27
Neftali Feliz GF-41
Matt Dominguez GF-44

Buster Posey GM-2
Chase Utely GM-42
Don Mattingly GM-23
Tony Gwyn GM-37
Mariano Rivera GM-29
Craig Kimbrel GM-19
Tim Lincecum GM-12
Mike Schmidt GM-46
Steve Garvey GM-49

Phil Niekro MD-9
Roy Halladay MD-7
Dennis Eckersley MD-5
Jim Palmer MD-4
Jon Lester MD-13

RE: Topps Series II - alstott9adams - 12-18-2012 01:38 PM

Nice pujols

RE: Topps Series II - awoj - 01-11-2013 06:46 AM

Looking to trade or sell these
Have most left, Pujols gone
LMK and I can post to my org anyone that wants to trade/buy

RE: Topps Series II - awoj - 01-23-2013 05:17 AM

Anyone need these? Will add the to my org to trade if you do
Looking for anything Basektball as I dont collect Baseball.
LMK Smile

RE: Topps Series II - muz0 - 01-23-2013 07:31 AM

I have a bunch of old basketball cards i'm looking to offload since i dont collect but they are base cards from 89-98, biut 2-1/2 binders full of em if you want.

RE: Topps Series II - cweiland - 01-23-2013 02:16 PM

Nice box. Congrats and thanks for sharing.