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THANK YOU TOPPS! - choyler - 06-26-2012

This thread is to publicly thank the people over at Topps. I have Pancreatic Cancer and been fighting for over 6 1/2 years. Beaten 3x, I'm in my 4th battle with the disease. I've been on chemotherapy for over 40 months straight, which sucks but it's better than the alternative lol.

Well, I have been trying to do things to raise money without just asking for donations and decided to sort our collection (My brother in the AF has spent his money to build our collection), make some lots & sell on EBay. I am able to set a percentage that goes directly to the charity or organization I want.

I started with a lot of football rc's from 2005 and 2006. No autos, no jerseys. Not much & the result was exactly that. I got 22 dollars which included shipping. 11 dollars went to PanCan. Kind of sucks, but I guess better than nothing.

Well, after sorting the collection, anything worth money my brother will not part with but a few things. So I went on twitter on a whim & asked Topps and Upper Deck if they would provide items I can use to generate some donations. Well, I had one company more than happy to help me & one company who had "committed all our resources at this time."

Well, Topps came through for me big time. Got a box today from them. 1 box of 2011 Topps Finest Baseball, a 2002 Topps Archives Reserve Best Years Baseball signed by Ferguson Jenkins 970/1000 and a 2011 Topps Football Super Bowl 3 autograph of Joe Namath. I will post pictures later on tonight, but this is my way of publicly thanking the company of Topps Cards for stepping up when they could have done the same thing that Upper Deck did.

Thank for reading guys!


RE: Cancer Auctions- THANK YOU TOPPS! - all day baby - 06-26-2012

I used to hate Topps because their cards were awful, however lately, they have really stepped up to the plate as far as their quality, and now they have stepped up to the plate to help you! Truly awesome!

Keep up the good fight, buddy!

RE: Cancer Auctions- THANK YOU TOPPS! - ripkenfan72 - 06-27-2012

Kudos to Topps for stepping up!!!! Good luck choyler with your battle!!!

RE: Cancer Auctions- THANK YOU TOPPS! - mtadams2 - 06-27-2012

Wow thanks for sharing. Way to be a fighter.

RE: THANK YOU TOPPS! - younglover - 06-27-2012

Great to hear when a company steps up Smile Hope your battle is truly successful this time

RE: THANK YOU TOPPS! - TlionsFan - 06-27-2012

That is so awesome. Way to go Topps and way to go Bill. Beat it 3 times, you can do it again. Good Luck!

RE: THANK YOU TOPPS! - philly eagle in az - 06-27-2012

Good luck with your battle! Pray, Fight, Win!

RE: THANK YOU TOPPS! - jlombardi24 - 06-27-2012

Good luck with your fight.

RE: THANK YOU TOPPS! - choyler - 06-27-2012

Ill have other football cards Im selling but check this Joe Namath card out

RE: THANK YOU TOPPS! - rybowski97 - 06-28-2012

that is awesome man....keep fighting the good fight, you beat it three times so four shouldnt be a problem. I will keep you in my prayers as I have had alot of family history of this disease and i just cant imagine all you have been thru. way to go topps, i am glad you posted this and it makes me feel even better knowing i only buy topps and dont even go near udeck.