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First Grading Submission....advice - bstboy2713 - 06-21-2012 07:53 PM

So I am planning on submitting my first card for Grading. I'd say that I'm a novice collector at best but never really got into grading cards. I'll be submitting a Sidney Crosby Ultimate Collections RC Auto that I purchased from a friend. I purchased it because it looked in absolutely immaculate condition, hopefully at least a 9.5 (dare I say a 10?). Right now it's in a magnetic one touch holder.

So are there any tips for submitting this? I've been reading penny sleeve, into card saver III (should I get oversize to ensure not to put too much pressure on the card), wrapped in a team bag. Is that accurate or should I send it in with the magnetic holder.

Also, is there anything that I should do to prep the card? And also, any tips for putting the card into each of the holders to ensure that I don't do any damage to the card?


RE: First Grading Submission....advice - nthnoak - 06-22-2012 08:48 PM

Personally I wouldnt bother taking a card like that out of the magnetic holder and try to put it into something else. To me that would just be taking a chance on damaging it. You need to make sure there arent any fingerprints on the surface though so try moving it around under light looking for reflections. But if the card is in that good of condition, then it probably didnt spend much time outside of a holder. Keep in mind you wont get your magnetic holder though.

RE: First Grading Submission....advice - kr0n420 - 06-25-2012 12:51 AM

I would also advise against removing it from the one-touch. I've sent several in magnetics and didn't really think twice about it.
Not to be gruff about it, but I'm personally ok with BGS complaining in email/phone if I'm gonna send my $300+ card in a magnetic one-touch instead of a semi-rigid, as long as they still grade it. And if they refused to grade such a card because of that, I doubt they'd have a community here to discuss such matters haha.

I've actually never sent my stuff in as Beckett suggests, I've never heard a single thing about it. My upcoming order is the first time I'll be using the semi-rigids and to be honest I don't feel all that comfortable with it. Seems like an easy way to drop a full grade level after it's left my possession. Not 100% sure how I want to go about sending in a package of semi-rigids either, aside from trying the Beckett suggestions which also doesn't make me feel all that safe although I assume they have good reason for suggesting it as such.

On a sidenote, you may wanna curb the excitement on thinking you have a 9.5 or 10, especially if you are new to grading Tongue Not saying it won't happen and best of luck to getting one, but getting your (inexperienced, no offense meant at all) hopes up is a good way to turn you off from grading Tongue But a 9.5+ Crosby auto would certainly be something to be excited about Smile

Cheers and hope you enjoy delving in to the world of getting cards graded, it can be more addictive than busting boxes Big Grin And good luck on all your BGS submissions.


RE: First Grading Submission....advice - bstboy2713 - 06-26-2012 09:05 AM

Well, I just submitted the card, keeping it in the magnetic holder. Keeping my fingers crossed for that 9.5+, but not getting my hopes up. To be honest, this is an investment piece for my son. He's 4 and starting to play ice hockey and the kid loves it. Crosby is of course his favorite player, so he'll appreciate this even more 15 years down the road.

RE: First Grading Submission....advice - kr0n420 - 06-26-2012 03:58 PM

Best of luck on that and be sure to follow up here and let us know how it went for you Smile