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Brady Quinn - Mr Sarmie - 06-18-2012

I went to a vintage stock this weekend and pick up this card. I know it's not to special but for 10 bucks I couldn't pass it up.

[Image: 4d5f3c4b.jpg]

RE: Brady Quinn - redskins316 - 06-18-2012

Not a bad p/u for a fair price.

RE: Brady Quinn - ugameck - 06-18-2012

Love that set. Wish they would have kept it living.

RE: Brady Quinn - slotman11 - 06-18-2012

nice card for such a scrub....Smile j/k... I like his auto...

RE: Brady Quinn - estuaryman - 06-18-2012

That's a really nice pickup for ten bucks!!

RE: Brady Quinn - jaykayzee - 06-18-2012

That's a pretty card for sure!