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OT: grade bump - favre3mvp - 06-10-2012

How does this work? I always hear/ read about a grade bump but don't know how to do it.
Do the just send it back in and ask to grade it higher?
Or do the break t out of te case and send it back it?

RE: OT: grade bump - branesergen - 06-10-2012

Ive always broke them out. Ive done 5 so far and each have come back higher. Tho I have only tried it on 8's and lower.

RE: OT: grade bump - giantfan270 - 06-11-2012

crack em, re-send em, and hope for the best.

RE: OT: grade bump - melcmd - 06-11-2012

I agree with cracking the slab and resubmitting. It's a shame really. If the grading process was as accurate as it is professed to be, then there should not be a jump. The grade should always be about the same.

If you re-submit and keep it in the slab, the odds are it will come back with the exact same grade. Why? Because the graders will back their fellow graders.

I've have stopped cracking slabs on lower numbered items because I think it's easier to keep track of these at BGS. They can always look up the prior grade. It gets expensive and it's a waste of time to do so.

RE: OT: grade bump - favre3mvp - 06-11-2012

I have a BGS 9 with grades of:
9-9-9-9.5 i, thinking of trying again