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Crappy Mailday - CowboysFan829488 - 04-20-2012

[Image: DeMarcoMurraySupercollection468.jpg]

Sorry for sharing such a crappy card

RE: Crappy Mailday - lynellauto - 04-20-2012

Um ok,was expecting something else.A patch autograph just does not get any better than that.Congrats!!!

RE: Crappy Mailday - supbullcoc - 04-20-2012

Yea anything with that star is CRAP lol

nice card though Tongue

RE: Crappy Mailday - estuaryman - 04-20-2012

Rubbish mailday. What a waste of scanning time. Seriously....awesome card!! Congrats!!

RE: Crappy Mailday - roostersclassics11 - 04-20-2012

wow I see that you got the crappy version with the blue and sliver instead of the top of the line Burgandy and gold ....j/k very nice card man

RE: Crappy Mailday - chads-cards - 04-20-2012

Man im sorry you had to open a package to that pos today.

I feel bad for ya

RE: Crappy Mailday - bigdehart64 - 04-20-2012

Oh man that is junkSmile

RE: Crappy Mailday - cybertrenz02 - 04-20-2012

Man that's UGLY..!!!.....congrats on the ugly card....:p

RE: Crappy Mailday - CowboysFan829488 - 04-20-2012

thanks fellas

RE: Crappy Mailday - sevans1979 - 04-20-2012

Man I can't even come up with a good joke for that card, its to beautiful! nice pickup man