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RE: My Mailer Was Empty. No Bryce Harper for me. - bunk27 - 03-27-2012 03:45 PM

(03-27-2012 02:38 PM)dbroockerd Wrote:  Since I am the guy they are referring to as the middle man I take some offense to this. I am hoping that is not what you meant, but to imply I'd take the cards and run is crazy. Especially considering I'm the guy fighting tooth and nail here to get this person behind bars and get everyone what is rightfully theirs.

I have given my names, address, phone number, and even posted pictures before. I highly doubt I'd make it far running with the cards.

I am gonna assume you did not mean me, but just meant if a middle man was used there is risk as well.

Derek, this was NOT directed at you at all.

RE: My Mailer Was Empty. No Bryce Harper for me. - talkntribe - 03-27-2012 03:46 PM

Ken- I wondered the same thing. Its hard to think that guy who was so nice could turn into something bad. I believe he may have been faced with issues of "debts" on top of the illness in the family. It wasn't one person who was scammed. Its alot of people. I ask myself why he didn't scam me. I don't know. What I do know is this is real and the person is not who he pretended to be. Look at his address change. He could've defended and spoke up,made things right and/or confessed. Derek even said come forward,work things out and make payments. He didn't respond. He took alot of money and stole alot of cards. He should've stepped forward and said something. I sent him a pm first time i heard the news and pleaded with him to talk to me. He deleted the email. I sent another and its not being read. I hate this. I think its good that the thread is here. Cause this is real..

(03-27-2012 03:08 PM)hellsbells Wrote:  Hey Derek - I know you have been keeping us up to date here, but I'd like to ask that you continue to do so, or in PM if need be.

I am still having a hard time with this situation as I spent a lot of time working with Jake (?) on his Diamond Die cuts - trading here and on the Diamond site. Also invested emotionally praying for his family and situation.

I believe that the Woman is real and is sick and that most everything we heard up until this week was real. I believe you and the others did receive empty packages, and that there is something wrong going on here.

I'm just having a hard time that the person I dealt with would do this - maybe I dealt with someone else, and now the kids or different person took over the account (or maybe it was the kid originally and now is the dad???).

I know that twice he had over $100 BV worth ($150 on one of them) of cards in his posession from me, and I let him wait a week to pay/trade to me for them, and both times he came through - the last one pretty recently. I guess that I am lucky, but just wondering why he paid me when he already had the cards - especially the Die Cuts that were traded on - I had no way of proving anything - no shipping, dc, etc. and he could have claimed he never got them.

Anyway - that is why I wan't to know what the outcome is on this - just hoping that the one I dealt with is not the same one that has sent empty packages to you guys.



RE: My Mailer Was Empty. No Bryce Harper for me. - sxfn4lf - 03-27-2012 03:47 PM

To me, I think this was a WELL planned out attack. He manipulated everything just right. That's why there is such an uproar. YES, there is a risk involved trading on here. We all knew it when we signed up. We ran into a bad apple here. Incenuating that another member with a proven track record here would turn bad is off the wall and uncalled for. Is it a possibility, always. I think we all know deep down that 99% of people here would never even THINK of pulling something like this, and probably even more so now when they see how much trouble this creep is in. If we (the community) can bring this creep to justice, it only helps our community. I have full faith in all established members here and will continue to do so regardless how this turns out. If you're uncomfortable trading, then don't trade. Plain and simple, but don't throw out the accusation that the middle man would run off. It isn't any different than the trader you are dealing with. It still carries risk and spends unnecessary money, time and responsibility.

Derek, I think I speak for a lot of us here. We know you did right, and will continue to do so. Until anything else occurs otherwise, there is zero reason for anyone here to think differently. That's what feedback is for. I know I usually don't get involved in things like this, but I think it hurts us all when things like this come up. If you're concerned to trade/buy/sell, don't do it, point blank. Don't throw others under the bus or point out that something sour could happen. We are all adults here, and forum posts should be treated as such.

Best of luck to everyone involved in this matter, and to the entire community in future deals.


RE: My Mailer Was Empty. No Bryce Harper for me. - dbroockerd - 03-27-2012 04:17 PM

(03-27-2012 02:57 PM)chrisa19978 Wrote:  Not to be mean Derek but your still dealing with a person. If we did a highend trade and it went to you lets say and you ended up needing money really bad or someone knew about this a took the card before you were able to get it. It would end up getting you in trouble. Adding another person will just complicate things and it could end up falling back and hurting the middle man. I would rather deal with the person I am tring to trade with. Were all going to get taken at some point in time. I was taken for $120.00 card before. Its what happens sometimes. I do hope whoever this guy is gets whats coming to him.

Chris, your seriously wrong about one thing. I posted and quickly deleted after feeling I posted to strongly. My issue here is you assume all people to be bad inside. I don't care how broke or hard up I am, not a thief. You realize that you said basically I was hard up I could be. That would make me no different than Jake. Their are good honest people who would die before screwing another. Just remember that and whether you wanna believe it or not I am one. I don't hate anyone, I'm brutally honest but one thing that I will never accept is a Liar.

I'm not pushing for jake to go to jail cause he for money. I'm pushing cause he is a thief and a liar. Had he came clean he'd be fine by me.

RE: My Mailer Was Empty. No Bryce Harper for me. - hellsbells - 03-27-2012 05:40 PM

(03-27-2012 03:26 PM)dbroockerd Wrote:  My offer is off the table anyway. It's clear to me that trust is an issue for some of you. I think my trading days are slowly ending anyway. Some of the things I see and here shock me.

Hella bells, I'll update it all when it's done but I assure you that the person we knew is not the true person. It's well planned out.

I guess I was just hoping that one household member was the one we all dealt with while it was going good, then another household member hijacked the account (or even was being nice to "drop off" the packages at the P.O. and knew what was in there - and removed the cards). That would at least make a little more sense. (I'm almost wondering if the 2 brothers are the 2 sides of Jake?? would explain some of the immaturity shown in the reaction to this issue).

As for the talk of people not trading or being more hesitant to trade, I don't think this situation should change our willingness to trade - just continue to be careful as we always should be - and only take the risks we are willing to.

There is a lot of anger (rightfully so) and emotions going on right now and once the dust settles I think we will all realize that this is still a good trading community.


RE: My Mailer Was Empty. No Bryce Harper for me. - filamuraireborn - 03-27-2012 05:46 PM

(03-26-2012 09:31 PM)dbroockerd Wrote:  I can't post any at the moment. I will when I know more. Hopefully tonight.

All I will say is Jake may have messed with the wrong people. <b>He better hope he is as smart as he thinks he is.</b>

I agree!

RE: My Mailer Was Empty. No Bryce Harper for me. - chriswilliams25 - 03-27-2012 05:53 PM

This really sucks because i have been waiting for a card that i traded for with this guys over a week ago

RE: My Mailer Was Empty. No Bryce Harper for me. - cardsfest - 03-27-2012 07:30 PM

I have been lurking around reading these posts. I hope everything works out for everybody. This whole deal just sucks for everyone on here.

RE: My Mailer Was Empty. No Bryce Harper for me. - german_verman - 03-27-2012 09:24 PM

There should be no hesitation to trade at all on anyones part. As a few people have already stated, there are more good than bad people here and for those few should not ruin a hobby that most of us love to be a part of. I know I for one have not been deterred to trade big or small, buy or sell to anyone. I agree that once the dust settles with this matter it will make this community come closer together and hopefully in return limit this type of behavior.

RE: My Mailer Was Empty. No Bryce Harper for me. - radarblip - 03-28-2012 06:51 AM

Hey Day!,,,I say go for it and do what you need to do.....But!!!!

What I have read here is some are going to use the system (our government) and Tax Payer monies to recover their personal losses from a deal gone bad. If you are on the tax paying end of this, it kinda' sux. Shouldn't there be some point when people take responsibility for their OWN mistakes even if that means they may have to bite the bullet?