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Superfractor Alternative - trhannon - 03-14-2012

So with the all that went on with on the Bay with the seller refusing to let me bid on the 11' Chrome Brees Superfractor I went with a alternative for the rainbow. I know its a plate but figured might as well as Im not going to be able to get my hands on it. What do you guys think on the price?

RE: Superfractor Alternative - chads-cards - 03-14-2012

Not bad...I say you still try and work a deal with someone to get the me the super makes the rainbow. Im sure someone on here would buy it for you then you pay them when they get it. I would I just dont have that much in paypal.

RE: Superfractor Alternative - cody_allen - 03-14-2012

There is a 2011 breeze finest super for like 200 right now

RE: Superfractor Alternative - chads-cards - 03-14-2012

yeah I saw that! go for the finest rainbow!

RE: Superfractor Alternative - trhannon - 03-14-2012

Ya its up on the bay the guy originally wanted $850 for it. He had it listed as a buy now for way over a grand. I put it up on here and he started getting slack on the price so black listed me on the bids lol.

RE: Superfractor Alternative - cullmansportscards - 03-14-2012

Did you see? He listed it in auction. At $152 with 2 days left. I will get it for you if you want. What do you want to pay?

RE: Superfractor Alternative - filamuraireborn - 03-15-2012

Wish you luck on hunting it or them down.

RE: Superfractor Alternative - brentboudreaux1 - 03-15-2012

whats a good price for that finest superfractor?

RE: Superfractor Alternative - trhannon - 03-15-2012

Just created a new name and bid a few times, its gonna go pretty high. I checked the high bidders info and guy buys dentistry tools and what not so you know he's gonna throw down some big cash. Thanks cullmanssportscards!