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Nolan Ryan 1990 Err card - mrfcc - 03-11-2012

was adding cards to org and found a Nolan Ryan 1990 Donruss card thats not listed. the front of the card is the 1990 Donruss #659 Nolan Ryan 5000K but the back is a 1990 Donruss #665 Nolan Ryan KING. anyone ever hear of this?

RE: Nolan Ryan 1990 Err card - cptnemo66 - 03-11-2012

Sounds like a "wrong back". Common print flaw among cards of that time. Not a design error but a print flaw. Sheet went into the wrong pile when it was time to print the backs. Most these cards are damaged in the eyes of collectors. Since this card is Ryan its worth a few bucks to a Ryan collector. But dont think you hit the jackpot on some crazy rare card.

RE: Nolan Ryan 1990 Err card - mrfcc - 03-11-2012

thanks, didn't think it would be worth much. Beckett has err cards for both #'s but this dosn't match either. any Ryan collectors interested pm me

RE: Nolan Ryan 1990 Err card - scottzoe - 03-12-2012

The wrong backs are the errors. Both the 655 and 659 Ryan's from the 1990 Donruss set, were printed with the back for the other and were corrected later in the print run.
Those were big dollar errors back in the they're relegated to the common bin (at least as common as Nolan Ryan gets anyway).