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RE: Wanted: Shaq & Lebron James - kct1 - 02-28-2012

check my org..

RE: Wanted: Shaq & Lebron James - stp420 - 03-01-2012

HI Mate, to get you started with your collection I could give you 10 different cards of both Shaq and Lebron incl. delivery for $25. Or could also include 1 game Used JSY card of shaq and Lebron for $35 total. LMK if ur keen . Its a great deal for the amount, average BV on a lebron JSy is about $30 on its own...

RE: Wanted: Shaq & Lebron James - paokai - 03-03-2012

(02-26-2012, 10:52 AM)talkntribe Wrote: Hey Guys,

I'm in search of Shaq cards in every uniform and Lebron in Cavs jersey only. I am a baseball collector and don't have any basketball. I'm looking to jump back into the hobby. If you have a nice lot of shaq or lebron you would either trade for baseball or sell please let me know.

I figured i'd check the community before comc or the bay.


I have these do you need??
[Image: CIMG0021.jpg]