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Suspicious Ebay Item - durfeecoach1 - 02-15-2012

I found this item to bid on. When I found it, it was stuck on $120. It's a case of SP Authentic Hobby Boxes with only 2 days left on it. I was confused why no one was biding on it. Since one box costs that much and it would be an easy turn around if bought cheap. So I sent him an message asking if the stuff was legit. He replied yes. So later today after I read the message I look at what it is now. The item has jumped form $120 this morning pre messaging him to $685. The funny thing is the winning bidder t***a (715) has never bought anything before and has a 100% bid activity with this seller. The item is still a good deal, but I get an uneasy feelling about the whole thing. How knows could be a friend of BigBoydscards3 (shiller) or repackager with a good shrink wrap machine. Tell me what you think?

Edit: Please don't post links to live auctions

RE: Suspicious Ebay Item - onemanstanding - 02-15-2012

Yes its 3 bids, it appears this might be a legit auction from looking at the feedback. I never bought a case but I would imagine that its a certain seal on the box with only 2 options to open from top or bottom.

RE: Suspicious Ebay Item - durfeecoach1 - 02-15-2012

Thank you. I get uneasy with new sellers or sudden interest in an item. But it still looks like a deal.

RE: Suspicious Ebay Item - usafshelland - 02-15-2012

16 bids now... not nearly as cheap as it once was.