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2011 Plates and Patches & Timeless Treasures - BigBadBootyDaddy - 02-04-2012 02:36 PM

248Got half of my tax returns today and figured I would visit the LCS. Picked Plates and Patches and got a great deal on Timeless Treasures. TT are available for trade, waiting on the price guide for P&P but those will be available as well. So are the results:

Plates and Patches:
Jemrichael Fiinley Red 057/299
Eli Manning Honors 021/249
Vincent Brown Rookie Blitz 141/249
Andrew Hawkins Silver RC 026/100
Mark Sanchez Platinum 01/10

Felix Jones Mem 017/299
Johnathan Baldwin Rookie Blitz Mem 017/299
Dexter McCluster Dual Mem (Jersey/Pants I think) 07/50
Ronald Johnson Silver Auto 50/55
Greg Little RPS Redemption
Auston Pettis Single Color Patch/Auto 043/499

Timeless Treasures
Peyton Hillis 465/499
Jason Witten 276/499
Deion Sanders Hall of Fame Card
Anquan Boldin 49/99

Stevan Ridley Rookie Recruits Jersey 061/250
Cameron Jordan Rookie Signatures 251/463
Jamaal Charles Single Color "prime" Patch 13/25
[Image: EPSON096.jpg][Image: EPSON092.jpg][Image: EPSON091.jpg][Image: EPSON094.jpg][Image: EPSON095.jpg][Image: EPSON093.jpg]

[Image: EPSON088.jpg][Image: EPSON089.jpg][Image: EPSON090.jpg]

RE: 2011 Plates and Patches & Timeless Treasures - gangstippie - 02-04-2012 04:46 PM

Decent breaks.

All the Rookie Recruits Patch cards I've seen have that "scuff" mark.