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RE: T202 T206 1948, 1953 pick up - rwtzero - 01-30-2012

(01-29-2012, 10:30 AM)ricelynnevans75 Wrote: Nice pickups! I see you got the T202 where it's apparently Joe Jackson sliding into the base. Nice grab.

It was actually confirmed too! ... Someone went to the micro film for the news papers from that game, Joe Jackson is pictured in the paper. look below.

[Image: Joejacksonnewspaper.jpg]

RE: T202 T206 1948, 1953 pick up - scottzoe - 01-30-2012

Nice find with that archived article!


RE: T202 T206 1948, 1953 pick up - duck6700j - 01-31-2012

(01-12-2012, 09:49 AM)rwtzero Wrote: Just picked these up and i'm super excited:

1948 Leaf, Babe Ruth

[Image: 1948_Ruth.jpg]

T202 Hassan Lord/ Tannehill: Joe Jackson in the center picture

[Image: T202HassanLordCatchesHisManLordTannehillPSA6.jpg]

T206 Ty Cobb, looks like its WAY better than a 2.5

[Image: T206_Cobb_Red.jpg]

[Image: T206_Cobb_Red-back.jpg]

1953 Yogi

[Image: 1953-Topps-Yogi-Berra.jpg]

next grab is a T200 Fatima Pittsburgh, Wagner

My Girl and I are trying to get the first 5, being

Ty Cobb
Walter Johnson
Christy Mathewson
Babe Ruth
Honus Wagner

hence the Fatima Wagner, the only one that we can afford. HA!

The triple folder is very very nice.Nice pickup