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RE: Graded Card Lookup & Pop Report - Auswulf - 06-09-2021

I have 4 newly graded cards that were submitted via dealer around July last year, that were graded this year have the same issue. Two cards which are recognised cards in the Beckett database when you input them online when submitting (tested it out) and two Japanese cards which I am not sure if they have an entry being they are Japanese Cards and not really widely known mainstream.

All four were not added to the population report.

Two were mislabeled. One with a mislabeled set missing a "Pokemon" Organised Play series 4 and the other is labeled the same as another card but is a completely different card and promo number.

Pokemon Organised Play series 4 exists on the population report.
Pokemon XY steam siege exists on the population report.
The two japaneae promos have no set entry on the population report.

All were graded accurately though. Two mint 9s and two pristine 10 Gold labels. So huge probs to Beckett for the accurate grades.

All four are population 1 as far as I am aware but who knows? Could be others out there?

I have got quite the collection of non existing Beckett graded Pokemon Cards which don't exist on the pop report.

RE: Graded Card Lookup & Pop Report - ferraripower2005 - 07-27-2021

My F1 cards are still not showing up!!

RE: Graded Card Lookup & Pop Report - jeffv96masters - 07-27-2021

Plenty of unique show items and 1/1 labeled stuff will appear in a Graded Card lookup (GCL) and that's it
BGS will grade them but that doesn't mean it will appear in the Online Price Guides ( OPG)
Just because an item can be slabbed in a BGS slab doesn't mean it will appear in a Pop report either

I learned this the hard way back in 2005 when I had a bunch of 1/1 Clemens show promos produced by DLP , Topps and others.

Until I can get the IT people locked down in a meeting where the OPG boss ( Brian) and IT are both present and we can work on registry- can't be fixed currently. Many need whats called "manual" force in. One offs will always do that as well- think Panini Black Box and other sets. Again- I have to get these folks together. Waited 4 years now. Still hammering them to get me my meetings.

@ferraripower2005- Michael yours won't show up until they confirm the set checklists.
Contact Matt Bible at on that F1 set issue and see if he can get the set(s) in
Once they appear in OPG can be tied in to grading.

RE: Graded Card Lookup & Pop Report - y2hood - 07-27-2021

Pop report hasn't reflected any of my July returns, even on older cards.