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Have ANY of you EVER seen.... - Marinocollector - 12-19-2011 09:35 PM

... A 2007 Donruss Threads College Greats Combo? Not the autograph set... like these...

But its the same design.... except not holo-foiled like the regular College Greats... I have a Dorsett/Marino I have had since 2007 when the product came out. It was listed as a $2 BIN and I have never seen or heard anything else. Whats weird is it still has the authentic autograph statement on the back. Playoff stated it was just an error and not meant to be signed nor have that back, but I find it weird I have never seen any more. 4 years later still not recognized by Beckett.

Here's the card in the upper right hand...
[Image: 11-26-2007093013PM.jpg]